Why won’t my printer work wireless

Why won’t my printer work wireless

The wireless connectivity issue may arise due to inappropriate settings on router/printer, network instability, driver issues, etc. The possible reasons for the problem and solution for resolving Why won’t my printer work wireless have been given in detail in the following sections.

Resolving the wireless connectivity issue of a printer

  1. Restart your computer, router and then the printer.
  2. Print a Wireless Network Test Report using the control panel and check if the Connectivity is indicated as PASS.
  3. Reconnect the printer to the network if there is no connectivity.
  4. Make sure the router is functioning properly.
  5. Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor application to diagnose issues if any.
  6. Make sure the printer’s IP address has not changed.
  7. Check if the printer driver is updated.
  8. Disable the firewall on your computer temporarily.
why won't my printer work wireless

Detailed instructions for resolving the wireless connectivity issue on a printer

Power cycle the printer to fix why won’t my printer work wireless. Restart your computer and router as well. If the printer still doesn’t work, check the network connectivity of your printer. Print the Wireless Network Test report using the printer’s control panel and check if the Connected is indicated as PASS. If not, reconnect the printer to the network again using HP Auto Wireless Connect, WPS or Wireless Setup Wizard.

Check if your printer is connected to the network. Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor application on your Windows computer. Click Start on the application and select the printer’s name. Click Network option and make sure the printer and computer are connected to your network.

If you have installed any security software recently, it will block the communication between the printer and computer. Try using the ‘Medium’ security settings on your software. Use the default settings if you have changed to any other settings. Use only one Firewall and remove other firewall software for knowing why won’t my printer work wireless.

If you have changed your router, reconfigure the new router. Open the Wireless Settings menu on the control panel and then select Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions on the screen for re-configuring the printer with new wireless settings. Select the network’s name and provide the password when prompted. Print a Wireless Network test report to check the connection status.

Run the Update IP Address utility from your Windows to update the printer’s IP address if it has changed. Click Start on your Windows XP, click Programs and then select Update IP address option. Enter the current IP address in the required field. Click Search to check if the printer is listed. Finally, click Save to update the software.

If you are a Mac user, try removing and re-adding the printer. Click the Print and Fax option and then select the printer’s name. Click ‘-’ to remove the printer. Re-add the printer by clicking the ‘+’ sign.

If the problem “why won’t my printer work wireless” persists, check the router settings. Disable Mac address filtering on your router. If Wireless Isolation settings are enabled, the communication between the wireless devices will be blocked. Disable the Isolation settings and check if the printer connects to the network.

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