why is my printer not working

why is my printer not working

The printer may not work properly because of the following reasons: Power connection failure, incorrect hardware installation, improper network configuration, unrecoverable error, storage issue, paper jamming, and paper feed issues. Comply with the instructions mentioned in the manual to troubleshoot the issues of why is my printer not working.

Steps Which Make Your Printer to Work Properly

  1. Ensure that the power wire is connected to a non-fluctuating working outlet.
  2. Check and confirm the installation of printheads, removal of nozzle protective cover, and installation of ink cartridges.
  3. Load the paper correctly without exerting any force.
  4. Raise the printhead cover and ensure the carriage latch secures the hook.
  5. Check the network configuration and connect with fast internet access.
  6. Install the latest version of driver software.
  7. Use the troubleshooting tool if the issue persists after proper setup.
  8. Contact the manufacturer’s customer support if any unknown error occurs.
why is my printer not working

Steps to be Followed to Make Your Printer Work

If your printer is not responding, check and ensure that the power cord is connected tightly with the printer and to a non-fluctuating electrical source. After confirming that your printer is turned on, ensure the front panel display shows the Ready message, which solves on why is my printer not working.

Check and confirm that all the four printheads are installed properly. Find whether the protective covers covering the ink nozzles has been removed. Load the paper in the printer’s input tray and do not exert pressure on the guides because it may bend the paper at the ends and corners. It may cause the paper jamming issue.

Lift the printhead cover and confirm that the hook on the printhead cover is properly locked by the carriage latch. Make your printer as the default printer in the Setting and also check whether the Pause printing option is not selected. Look and confirm that the printer is connected to the USB or printer port directly.

Confirm that the printer and the computer are connected successfully to the same network connection. If you found that the your printer is connected to the network, check it with the Embedded web server to check the network setup and solve the error of why is my printer not working.

After connecting to the network, check the space on your computer. At least 50 MB space should be available in the hard disk. Download and install the printer driver on your computer from the official manufacturer site. Check the status of the ink cartridges. If your printer indicates any hardware problem, the LED blinks amber and green. In that case, restart the printer after disconnecting the printer from the computer. To resolve any unrecoverable error, turn off the printer and wait for a few seconds. Again turn it on and disconnect it from the computer.

In case the paper gets jammed in the printer, remove it from the cartridges and load it again without any bends in the paper. Do not exert force on the paper guides. If there is any printhead problem, clean and align the printheads. If the ink cartridge is out of ink, replace the empty ink cartridge with a new one.

Download and install the driver software from the official manufacturer’s site. If a problem arises on the printer, use the free troubleshooter tool or contact the official customer support to resolve the issue on why is my printer not working.

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