why is my epson printer

Why is my epson printer offline

When the printer says an offline error, it means that the printer is not actively connected to either the computer or router. Checking the connectivity can solve the issue of why is my epson printer offline. Ensure that you check all the printer connections are firm before proceeding.

Why does my epson printer say offline

  1. Turn on the printer and allow the printer to become idle.
  2. Check the connectivity lights of the printer.
  3. Navigate to the network settings of the printer.
  4. Check the network connection of the printer.
  5. Ensure that the printer connection is active and the connection should be stable.
  6. If the connection is not active, reconnect the network with the printer.
  7. Also ensure that the router connection is stable.
  8. Test the connection by test printing a document.
why is my epson printer offline

How to solve printer offline issue in the Epson printer?

Check the wireless connection of the printer and ensure that the connection is active and stable. If the connection is not active, check the lights on the wireless router. If the connectivity lights are not stable on the router, power cycle the router and know Why is my epson printer offline

To power cycle the router, follow the procedure. Remove the power cable of the router and ensure that the router is connected to a direct power source and not to any surge protector or UPS.

If it is connected to a surge protector, disconnect the cable from that source and reconnect it with the power socket.

Switch on the power button on the router and wait until the connection becomes active and stable. When the connection is established, you can connect the router’s network with the printer.

To connect the Epson printer to a wireless network, navigate to the network settings on the printer’s control panel. Locate the wireless settings and select it. Search for the nearby available networks. Choose the network name from the displayed list and click connect.

The printer prompts you to enter the password for the connection, enter the correct password. Click join to establish a connection with that network. If the printer does not connect with the network, reenter the password of connection. After the connection check the wireless light on the printer’s control panel.

If the connectivity light on the printer’s control panel is stable, the connection is successfully done. Also, print a test page to further confirm the connection. If the printer prints a document it means, the error is resolved. If the error continues to exist, you can update the printer driver to the latest version and got solution on Why is my epson printer offline.

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