why does my printer say not connected

[Fixed] Why Does My Printer Say Not Connected

The error message Printer not connected and Refresh the printer on the printer control panel indicates that there is a lousy network problem between the printer and the computer. Follow the simple steps given below to troubleshoot why does my printer say not connected issue.

Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve The Connectivity Problem On The Printer

  1. Download the HP Print and Scan doctor from the web.
  2. Choose your printer model and follow the instructions to run the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  3. Place the printer near the router network, so that the printer is with the network range.
  4. Check for other networks using your router channel and minimise the network traffic.
  5. Touch the Wireless icon on your printer control panel and click the Setup option.
  6. Choose the option Print Configuration page. Examine the Print Configuration page.
  7. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and re-establish the connection between the printer and computer.
  8. Open a document or photo and try printing a sample page.
why does my printer say not connected

Detailed Instructions To Resolve The Connectivity Error In The Printer

Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor from the web. It can automatically diagnose your printer problem and resolve them. Open the Print and Scan doctor and choose your printer model from the list displayed. Follow the instructions to fix the problem of why does my printer say not connected. Try to print a sample page.

Place the printer closer to your router connection as the Wi-Fi connection might be weak. Make sure that the printer is within the router’s network range. Placing the printer closer to the router can boost the signal strength. Improper network connectivity might cause these issues and make your printer unable to print.

Multiple local networks using the same router channel can disturb the Wi-Fi signals. Examine the local networks that are on using the same channel and change them to different router channel via router settings. Go to the Setup menu and click Print Network Configuration Page. Try to print any document and if the error “why does my printer say not connected” persists move on to the next step.

Try to restore the factory settings for your printer. Turn Off the printer can remove the power cable from the printer. Wait for 30 seconds and then re-establish the connection. Plug in the power cord into the wall socket. Press the Turn On button and Resume button at the same time for 15-20 seconds.

When you press both the buttons at the same time, the icon with Attention symbol starts to glow. Release the Turn On and Resume buttons and you will notice the Attention and Ready lights glowing. It indicates that the printer is restoring the initial factory settings. After some time, try printing a sample page.

Restart the computer, router and printer. Disconnect the power cable from the router. Switch Off your printer and remove the Ethernet cables. Terminate all the running applications on your computer and Turn Off the computer. Now, reconnect the power cable to the router and wait until the router displays connected status.

Switch On your computer and printer. Some mandatory drivers might be installed incorrectly. Uninstall your printer drivers using the Uninstall a program in Windows Features and Programs. Install the latest version of drivers and software for your printer from the web. Select a photo or document and try printing a test page and completely resolve why does my printer say not connected errors.

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