Why does my Epson printer say offline

Why Does My Epson Printer Say Offline

The Printer Offline issue can be caused because of router connection issues, power connection issues, improper network connection, pending jobs in the print queue, using an outdated driver software. These issues can be solved by providing proper power connection, network connection and using updated driver software and clear the doubt of why does my Epson printer say offline.

Steps To Resolve Printer Offline Error Message

  1. Connect your Epson printer power cord firmly to a stable power source.
  2. Turn on the router and connect with a broadband connection.
  3. Restart your computer and reconnect Epson printer with router network.
  4. Remove the pending jobs in print queue.
  5. Uninstall the old version driver software installed on your computer.
  6. Download the updated driver software and install on your computer.
  7. Check the network speed even slow network may also cause this error.
  8. Remove the jammed papers inside the printer.
why does my epson printer say offline

Methods To Resolve Printer Offline Issue In Epson Printer

To clear the issue of why does my Epson printer say offline, the Printer Offline error may be caused because of computer or printer network connection, improper power connection, using outdated printer software. Check your printer power cord connection with the electrical socket. If the link is not firm, then the printer cannot get enough power to operate.

If you were able to see the Wi-Fi icon, but the printer shows Printer Offline error message then reset your router connection and restart your computer to clear Epson printer says offline.

To reset your router connection, unplug the network router power cord from the electrical outlet and leave the router to be idle for few minutes. Connect the router power cord again and turn it on. Re-establish the network connection and connect your printer to the network. In the meantime, restart your printer and connect to the network.

If you could not the Wi-Fi icon, uninstall the current driver software and try to re-install the driver software to clear Epson printer say offline.

Connect your computer and printer to the same network using the same network name (SSID) and password on the router. Reset the Wi-Fi connection settings on the product control panel. Tap the home button. Select the Setup option and then click on Restore Default Settings option. Select the Network settings option and choose the Yes option and then confirm the network reset with an OK choice.

Turn off your printer and unplug your Epson printer power cord and the interface cables. Leave the printer to remain to idle for some time and turn the printer to the active condition. Connect the Epson printer and computer to the same network which has high-speed internet access to clear Epson printer say offline.

Disable the firewall and security software while connecting to the network and installing the driver software because the firewall software may sometime block the network connection. Also, uninstall all the driver software related files from your computer. Search and select the Programs and features and then select Epson Printer Software Uninstall to uninstall the currently installed driver software.

Connect to the Epson website and download the Drivers and Utilities Combo Package to your computer. Open the downloaded software file and follow the instructions to install the software to complete the setup to clear Epson printer say offline.

If still the Printer Offline issue persists, then follow the troubleshooting tool instructions to diagnose and rectify the problems automatically and solve the issues of why does my Epson printer say offline.

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