why brother printer prints blank pages

Why Brother Printer Prints Blank Pages

Why brother printer prints blank pages, the error can happen if the ink levels are low, issues with the cartridge, print spooler problem, network connection, outdated or corrupted software, replace any defective or problematic cartridge. Comply with the steps provided on this page to resolve the printer printing blank documents problem.

Procedures To Fix The Brother Printer Not Printing Blank Pages

  1. Ensure your ink cartridge is functioning correctly.
  2. Remove the cartridge from your printer and then shake it.
  3. Reinstall the cartridge into your Brother printer.
  4. Restart the Brother printer and the Personal Computer.
  5. Try doing a print task to verify the problem is solved.
  6. Utilize an automated software for cleaning the printhead.
  7. Check if the cartridges are genuine with the model of your printer.
  8. Purchased the replacement ink or toner cartridges from the authorized store and then insert them into the Brother printer.
why brother printer prints blank pages

Steps To Fix Your Brother Printer Printing In Blank Pages

Look for error messages on the LCD screen of your Brother printer. Tap the front cover release button on the Brother printer. Raise the front cover and take the drum and toner assembly out of the device. Discard the orange tape from the drum and plastic unit. Reinsert the drum and toner assembly into the Brother printer and work on why brother printer prints blank pages.

Lower the front cover. Tap the Menu option to print the user settings list. The error has been rectified if the user settings list gets printed correctly. Uninstall the printer driver from your computer. Detach the USB cord from the rear side of your Brother printer. Search for and then open the Control Panel window on the Personal Computer.

Click the Programs and Features option. In the queue of installed programs, select the model of your Brother printer. Choose either the Uninstall or Yes button. End the driver removal process by following the steps that appear on the computer screen. Go to the manufacturer’s web page and download, launch the newest version of the Brother printer’s software.

After you have installed the driver software, check if your Brother printer has stopped printing blank pages. If the problem continues, try performing the print task directly from your Brother printer. Open the Devices and Printers dialog box on the system and click your Brother printer’s name from the list of installed devices to fix the issue of why brother printer prints blank pages.

Click the Printer Properties option, then select the Advanced tab, and then choose the button which named as, Print Directly to the Printer. Choose the Apply button and then hit OK. Now check if the blank page issue has been rectified.

Have you verified if there are enough ink or toner levels in the cartridge? The ink might have dried up if you have not used the Brother printer for a longer period of time. The Brother printer blank page error can also happen if the cartridge has lost electrical contact with the Brother printer.

The simplest way to resolve the problem is to remove the cartridge from your Brother printer and then reinstall it. Go to the Print Preview or Print Settings window and confirm that the print settings that are selected are of the right type and finish the process of why brother printer prints blank pages.

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