update kodak printer drivers

Update Kodak Printer Drivers

All the printers need the driver to function effectively. It constitutes an important component in any printer model. The driver establishes the successful connection between the Kodak printer and the laptop or computer. If you have updated or changed the operating system on your computer, the driver might become incompatible. The steps to update the drivers varies based upon your Windows or Mac device. If you do not update Kodak printer drivers, it can cause an error, and the functions of your Kodak printer cannot be accessed. The instructions on how to update the software of your Kodak printer is discussed on this website.

Easy Procedures On How To Update Kodak Printer Drivers

  1. Make use of the Windows Update feature to upgrade the driver for your Kodak printer.
  2. Click the Start button and open the Settings dialog box on your Personal Computer.
  3. Click the Start button and open the Settings dialog box on your Personal Computer.
  4. Hit the Check For Updates option. If an update is available, it gets downloaded automatically.
  5. Comply with the instructions on the screen to end the upgradation process.
  6. Delete the driver from your computer if the update process does not happen.
  7. Reinstall the newest driver for your Kodak printer by navigating to the manufacturer’s web page.
  8. Print a test page to ensure the update or installation process is done rightly.
update kodak printer drivers

Brief instructions on how to update drivers for Kodak printer

When a hardware component is not working properly or if there is a fault with the Kodak printer, then the software must be updated. Upgrade drivers using Window Update feature: Open the Settings dialog box on the Personal Computer. Click on the Update & Security button and select Windows Update.

Hit the Check for Updates button, and if a new version of the software is available, it gets downloaded on the computer automatically.

Updating drivers through the Device Manager window:

Step 1: Open the Start dialog box on the Windows computer. Search for and then click the Device Manager option from the obtained results. Expand the Driver section in which you want to carry out the update Kodak printer drivers process.

Step 2: Right-click on the model of your Kodak printer and then tap the Update Driver button. Select Search automatically for updated driver software on the How do you want to search for drivers? Dialog box. Once you have finished the above instructions for update Kodak printer drivers, the latest version of the driver gets installed automatically.

Step 3: If there are no updates available for your Kodak printer driver, you may need to download the same manually. Go to the authorized web page and select the model of your Kodak printer, and then choose the OS version that is launched on your system.

Step 4: After extracting the downloaded driver file, go to the Start window on your PC. Tap the Device Manager button and then expand the Printers dialog box.

Step 5: Right-click on the name of your Kodak Printer and then select the Update Driver option. Choose Browse my computer for driver software. Tap the Browse option and then select the folder which contains the extracted driver file.

Step 6: Hit the OK button and tick the checkbox present next to the Include Subfolders option. The wizard will now find the correct file and will provide prompts for updating the driver. Choose Next, and the recent version of the driver will get installed on your computer.

Update Kodak printer driver in Mac:

Step 1: Confirm whether your Mac computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Open the Home Center Software application on the Mac system. Hit the Tools tab and then click the Check for Software Updates option.

Step 2: If there are updates in the driver, do the same by following the prompts that appear on the Mac screen. Make sure you do not disconnect your Mac computer or Kodak printer when the update is in process. The Kodak printer will restart after the update Kodak printer drivers process is complete.

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