how to turn printer online brother

How To Turn Printer Online Brother

When your printer not connected to the internet or shows an offline error message, awake the printer from sleep mode after connecting to a stable power source, connect your printer to a permanent power source, clear the error messages appears on your printer screen, and try troubleshooting to resolve the issue of how to turn printer online Brother.

How To Change Your Brother Printer Online?

  1. Connect your Brother printer to a stable Alternating Current source.
  2. Do not connect your printer directly into the socket; try to use a power cord.
  3. Set up the router network with high-speed internet connectivity.
  4. Connect your printer to the network connection.
  5. Check the LCD on your printer control panel for any error messages.
  6. Clear the error messages and use the troubleshooting tool to clear the error.
  7. Set your Brother printer as default printer on your computer.
  8. Print network configuration page to check the printer network status.
how to turn printer online brother

Steps To Turn Your Brother Printer Online

If your Brother printer’s LCD shows an offline message or blank, you need to set your machine online and active to work on it. Follow the below resolution methods to resolve the Offline issue and turn your Brother machine active by following the guide of how to turn printer online Brother.

Pair your Brother printer with a power source using the power cord that you bought along with your printer. Make sure that the power socket is plugged into the outlet firmly. Long press the On/Off switch on your printer to make the machine active.

If the machine is not turned on, the power connection is not an issue. There might be some problem with the hardware, try troubleshooting tool to resolve the hardware issue. Check your Brother machine LCD screen for any error messages. If the display shows an error such as Ink/Toner Empty or Paper Jam, resolve the issue to get your printer online and active.

Turn on a network router and set up a broadband connection. Make your printer active and connect your printer to the network connection. Check and confirm that you have the updated driver software. If you are using an outdated or obsolete driver software, uninstall the driver software from your computer. Also, remove the file and folders related to the outdated driver. Make sure that you are using an updated firmware for how to turn printer online Brother.

If you are using a USB cord connection, ensure that the cord is paired between your Brother printer and the network-connected computer. Take out the protective cover from the USB port on your computer. If your printer is connected via an Ethernet cable, check and ensure the connection between the router or access point and printer. Print network configuration page to check the IP address of your printer while you are connected using a wireless connection.

If the ink cartridge is low, replace the ink cartridge with a new replacement cartridge. Add your Brother printer to the computer and set it as your default printer. If the issue of how to turn printer online Brother is not resolved, reset your Brother machine settings to default factory settings. After the completion of the reset process, leave the printer to remain idle for some time until it warms up. Set up a power connection and connect to the network and then start to work on your Brother printer.

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