turn my brother printer online

How Do I Turn My Brother Printer Online

Just know how do I turn my Brother printer online, make sure that there is no interruption in the printer’s network connection. First, troubleshoot the printer network connection to resolve the offline printer issue and re-establish the connection between the printer and computer.

Instruction To Fix The Brother Printer Offline Issue

  1. Check the Brother machine is powered on and there is no issue.
  2. Connect the Brother printer to your computer.
  3. Set your Brother printer is set as the default printer.
  4. Delete all the print jobs stuck in the print queue.
  5. Verify the printer status in the Devices and Printers window.
  6. Uninstall the out-dated version of Brother printer drivers and software on your computer.
  7. Install the appropriate Brother printer drivers on your computer.
  8. Try printing a sample page to ensure that the offline printer issue is resolved.
how do i turn my brother printer online

Methods To Solve The Printer Offline Problem

To resolve the offline printer problem you should know how do I turn my Brother printer online, first, check the power status of the printer. Press the Power button to switch on the Brother printer. Do not use any power surge to connect the printer to the power supply.

Check the printer’s control panel, if there is any message displayed on the printer’s control panel. Check the printer connected with the computer. If you are using a USB connection method to connect the printer and computer, try to attach the cable directly into the computer’s port without using any hub.

If you are using an Ethernet cable to connect the printer, ensure that the cable is affixed into both the terminals. Print a network configuration page, to inspect the network connection. Now, connect set the Brother printer as the default printer. On your computer, open the Control Panel, and select Hardware and Sound option.

Click on the Printers and Devices option and right-click on your Brother printer’s icon. In the pop-up screen, select the Set as the Default printer option. Now, open the print queue and delete the print jobs stuck in the queue. Right-click on the Brother printer’s icon and click Cancel All Documents and follow usual guide for how do I turn my brother printer online.

In the security screen, click Open as Administrator and enter the system password. If the issue persists, uninstall the Brother printer drivers from the computer. Go to the manufacturer’s site and download the recent version of the printer drivers from the website.

Install the latest drivers and proceed to connect the printer to the computer. You can also use the installation CD-ROM provided with the printer package to download and install the printer drivers on your computer. Now, use the installation steps provided on the screen to install and set up the Brother printer.

Install the ink cartridges into the ink cartridge slots and load papers into the input tray. Print a sample page to ensure that the problem is resolved by finishing how do I turn my Brother printer online.

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