start my printer on this computer

Start my printer on this computer

To install your printer on any computer, connect the printer using a network or USB to the computer. Search for the Devices and Printers option on your computer and click the Add a Printer option. You will find your printer listed, add it by selecting Start my printer on this computer.

How to install a Printer in a computer?

  1. Turn on your printer and the computer.
  2. Connect your printer to the computer using the network or USB connection.
  3. Open the “Settings” option from the “Start” menu.
  4. Click on the “Devices” option then click the “Printers and Scanners” option.
  5. Find the local printer listed under the Add a Printer and Scanner option.
  6. Select the printer need to be connected and click the “Next”.
  7. Install the printer driver on your computer by clicking Install driver if prompted.
  8. Provide the password, confirm it and then complete the additional steps and after that click on “Finish”.
start my printer on this computer

Installing and Troubleshooting driver for Printer in a computer

Ensure that your Printer’s electrical cord is plugged into an electrical outlet and the power switch is turned on. Connect your printer to the computer using a network or USB connection with Start my printer on this computer.

From the “Start” menu search for the “Settings” option. Click the “Devices and Printers” option and then the “Add a Printer or Scanner” option so that windows will find your printer listed.

Select your printer and add it. Click Control Panel > All Control Panel items > Devices and Printers, select your printer and in the Printer Properties, “Choose a printer port” page, ensure that “Use an existing port” button and the recommended printer ports are selected and then click the “Next” to complete the port settings.

Most printers require driver software to work properly. Click the “Install the printer driver” if it is not installed and select the printer manufacturer and model and click the “Next”. If your printer is not listed, then check the “windows update” option and wait for the Windows check for the additional drivers. None of the drivers are listed install printer drivers using a Compact Disk or a hard disk.

Still the problem persists with your printer, use troubleshooter. A troubleshooter is an automated tool which finds and fix the problems with your PC. If your printer is a wired printer, make sure that printer cable is correctly connected from printer to your PC.

If you are using a wireless printer, run the printer’s wireless connectivity test. Confirm the printer’s wireless option is turned on and available and check the printer button that displays a blue wireless icon when wireless is available. Next run wireless connectivity test.

Finally, if you find your printer connected successfully with your computer, open the recommended document that to be printed. Click the “File” option then the “Print” option to print the file for Start my printer on this computer.

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