sent to printer but not printing

Sent To Printer But Not Printing

If the job is stuck in the print queue or the document sent to printer but not printing, it is not possible to print from the printer. A message displays on the printer’s control panel as sent to printer. If the print job is stuck, it can be due to cancelled or prevents print jobs from printing. Carry out the steps below to fix the issue.

How To Fix Not Printing From The Printer

  1. Remove all print job files and reboot the printer.
  2. Uninstall the printer driver if it is outdated.
  3. Check the network connection between the printer.
  4. For the Mac system, resetting the print system.
  5. Remove the printer name and re-add it again.
  6. Restart the printer to fix the sent to printer but not printing issue.
  7. Try to print from the printer.
  8. Failing to do so, service the printer.
sent to printer but not printing

Detailed Solutions For Not Printing From The Printer

Fix sent to printer but not printing, switch off the printer and then remove the power plug from the wall outlet. Store the important files on your computer as there are possibilities for losing the files while performing the steps below.

Access Window service by following any one of the methods below: In Windows search box, enter Services and select the available Service list. Select the Windows key and R button together. Index in services.msc in the command prompt screen and Select OK to move to the next step.

Browse for the Spooler name. Select your Spooler name and Click Stop. Go to the browser tab and type the path C:\Windows\system 32\Spool\Printers after the service has completed. Remove all the existing files from the available list.

Switch off your computer and disconnect the printer from the electrical outlet for a while. Attach the power cable back to the electrical wall outlet. Switch on your computer. Attempt to print again.

Detach the USB cable from your printer. Open Windows, type devices and printers in its search bar, and choose it from the search results. Access Windows Search, look for devices and printers. Select your printer name and then right click on it to press Uninstall.

Turn on the computer. Visit the website and download the latest version of the driver for your printer model. The on-screen instructions help you to finish the download and installation.

For the Mac system, Upgrade your printer driver to resolve sent to printer but not printing issues. Reach our website, key in your printer model name and number, then monitor the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

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