Ricoh MP C3004 factory reset

Ricoh MP C3004 Factory Reset – Step By Step Guide

When you reset your printer to the factory defaults, all the settings you have configured so far will be removed, and you need to configure them once again. Ricoh printers are known for their high speed and low running costs. Generally, they work pretty fine without causing trouble. But in some situations, you might wish to factory reset the Ricoh printer you are using.

Ricoh MP C3004 Factory Reset

Read this page completely if you want to factory reset your Ricoh MP C3004 printer.

Steps To Factory Reset Your Ricoh MP C3004

  • As the first step of resetting your Ricoh MP printer, back up the address book that you have stored in its copier settings.
  • If you want to back up other important information, create a backup and then go ahead to reset your printer.
  • To reset your printer, press the “./*” and “#” buttons simultaneously and hold them for the next 10 seconds.
  • Now, your Ricoh printer will shut down and reboot.
  • Once your printer restarts, it will be restored to the factory defaults. To verify whether this method worked or not, go through the menu options on the screen. It will let you know that the old settings have been replaced with the factory defaults.
  • In this manner, you should factory reset your Ricoh MP C3004 printer. If you want to power reset your Ricoh MP C3004 printer, proceed with the following section.

Power Reset Your Ricoh MP C3004

You can try the power reset process whenever your printer fails to function correctly. Follow these instructions to proceed further.

Turn off your Ricoh printer and disconnect it from the power cable. Leave your printer disconnected for a minute. You can now reconnect the power cable to your Ricoh printer and turn it on.

That’s it. You have successfully done Ricoh MP C3004 factory reset. For further questions, reach out to us for remote assistance.

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