how to replace ink in Epson printer

How To Replace Ink In Epson Printer

Lets begin with how to replace ink in Epson printer, when you found that the ink level in a cartridge is low or empty, replace the cartridge with a new one. Buy an ink cartridge that is compatible with your Epson printer model. Take the empty ink cartridge out from the slot and install the new ink cartridge in the slot.

Steps To Change Ink Cartridge In Epson Printer

  1. Expose the printhead and carriage by lifting the scanner cover.
  2. Locate the Stop button on the right of the control panel and press it.
  3. Remove the empty or low ink cartridge from the slot.
  4. Unwrap the new replacement cartridge from its package.
  5. Shake it well for about four or five times before placing into the slot.
  6. Remove the plastic tape on the new replacement cartridge.
  7. Place the new, unwrapped cartridge into the slot and slowly move it inside.
  8. Close the cartridge door and press Stop button to charge the ink.
how to replace ink in epson printer

Procedure To Replace The Empty Ink Cartridge In Epson printer

Turn on your Epson printer and check the ink levels before you start to print. If you found that any of the ink cartridges is low or empty, replace that with a new cartridge. Purchase new replacement ink cartridges from a reliable store or local retailers on how to replace ink in Epson printer.

Open the scanner platen and then access into cartridge area to expose the printhead and carriage that holds the ink cartridge. Be cautious not to touch the white ribbon or the printhead. Be patient and wait until the printhead stops moving before you proceed to the next step.

Press the stop button that founds at the right side of the control panel. Use Epson Status Monitor or Epson Status Monitor 3 application to check the ink level directly on your computer. Check which cartridge is with low ink or run out of ink. Check and remove the empty or low ink cartridge from the slot. Place the old ink cartridge separately in a container.

Unwrap the new ink cartridge from the packaging. Pull away the yellow or orange tab on the new ink cartridge. Be attentive not to remove any other parts from the cartridge. Do not touch or press the green chip on the cartridge, because touching that may cause the malfunction of the cartridge for how to replace ink in Epson printer.

Clean the slot with a dust-free cloth before the installation of a new replacement cartridge. Hold the cartridge only by its sides. Place the unwrapped, new replacement cartridge into the slot. Press the cartridge gently into the aperture until it clicks into the place.

If you get any ink stains on your cloth or skin, wash it off with soap or water. Try the above ink cartridge installation method to install the other cartridges, if necessary. After replacing all the cartridges, close the scanner cover and then press the Stop button that is located on the right side of the control panel.

Wait for about 2 to 5 minutes until the printer aligns the cartridges and charges the ink. The power light on your printer control panel starts blinking while aligning the cartridges and charges the ink. Do not turn off the printer while the process is ongoing. The power light stops blinking and remains on when the installation completes using the guide of how to replace ink in Epson printer.

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