refill lexmark 100xl ink cartridge

Refill Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridge

To refill Lexmark 100xl ink cartridge, you will require four syringes, refilling ink bottles, and a few paper towels. Refilling the ink cartridge is a cheap method. However, refilling the ink cartridge is not recommended by the manufacturer. Before starting the refilling process, uninstall the empty ink cartridges from the printer and place it on a paper towel. Clean the printhead by using a paper towel to remove the ink residue.

Refilling The Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridge

  1. Obtain four syringes, one for each ink cartridge.
  2. Wear gloves while handling the cartridges to avoid ink spillage.
  3. Take a few paper towels and proceed to uninstall the empty cartridges from the printer.
  4. Place the empty ink cartridge on a clean paper towel.
  5. Use a paper towel and clean the leftover ink residues from the ink cartridge.
  6. Drill a small hole by using an electric drill or a pin at the side of the ink cartridge.
  7. Fill the syringe with the required ink and insert it into the hole drilled on the cartridge.
  8. Redo the above steps to refill other ink cartridges and install them into the appropriate slots.
refill lexmark 100xl ink cartridge

Step By Step Instructions On Refilling The Lexmark 100XL Cartridge

Step 1: When a low ink message prompts on the computer or printer, you can either get a new ink cartridge or refill it. To refill Lexmark 100xl ink cartridge, obtain the following items.

  • Four syringes
  • Few paper towels
  • A sharp tool like a pin or drilling machine
  • A pair of gloves
  • Refilling ink bottles

Step 2: Now, open the cartridge access door and uninstall the empty ink cartridges from the slots. Place the cartridge on a clean paper towel and wipe the ink residues off the printhead.

Step 3: Ensure that the ink cartridge is clean and free from dust particles. If the printhead is dirty, you can dip the cartridge in a Printhead Cleaning Solution for a few minutes.

Step 4: Take the empty ink cartridge and drill a hole on the side of it. You can either use an electric driller or a pin to pierce a hole on the ink cartridge. Unscrew the refilling ink bottle’s cap and lower the syringe into it.

Step 5: Pull the syringe’s knob to eject ink from the bottle. If it is black ink, fill the syringe with 13 ml of ink. If it is a color ink, fill it with 6 ml. Now, insert the syringe into the drilled hole and push the knob slowly to release the ink.

Step 6: If the ink starts to overflow, take the syringe out of the cartridge. Wipe the excess ink off the cartridge by using a paper towel and seal the hole with a small piece of tape. Do the same to refill Lexmark 100xl ink cartridge of others.

Step 7: After refilling all the ink cartridges, install them into the respective slots and close the printer’s cartridge access door. After installing the ink cartridges, proceed to reset them.

Step 8: To reset the ink cartridge, connect your computer to the Lexmark printer. Click the Start menu on your computer and choose the All Apps option. Navigate to Lexmark printer’s heading and click Printer Solution Center.

Step 9: Click the Maintenance tab and select Install a New Printer Cartridge. Click the Next button repeatedly until you see the Alignment screen. Select the Print button to print an alignment page.

Step 10: Power on your Lexmark printer and open the access door. Remove the ink cartridges from the slot and turn off the printer. Leave the access door open for 60 seconds. Turn the printer on and re-insert the ink cartridges, now the process of refill Lexmark 100xl ink cartridge is completed.

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