printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc

Printer Troubleshooter Windows 10 PC

The printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc is present in PC Settings. However, you can also access that option from the Devices and Printers settings from the Start menu. You can also use Windows 10’s printer troubleshooting tool to resolve most printer related issues. Connectivity issues can be easily overcome by using this tool.

How To Use The Printer Troubleshooter In Your Windows 10 Computer

  1. Before you begin, your printer and computer need to be linked together.
  2. Ascertain that the latest printer driver is installed on your computer.
  3. Open the control panel on your computer.
  4. Select Devices and Printers and choose your printer model from the list.
  5. Right-click on the printer and select Troubleshoot.
  6. If your printer isn’t in the list, press the Plus sign and add your printer to the list.
  7. Once the printer is added to the list, you can perform certain basic troubleshooting operations to resolve certain simple issues.
  8. Most connectivity issues can be resolved with this tool.
printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc

Detailed Steps To Use The Printer Troubleshooter In Windows 10 PC

Open the printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc from the Start menu on your computer. If you are plugged in via a wireless network, fix the connection issue in your printer. Select Device Manager -> Printers. Now locate your printer in the list, right click on it and choose Update Driver.

Other advance troubleshooting operations that can be performed to overcome certain major issues. Get to the Services list, select Printer Spooler and choose Stop. Confirm the action by clicking OK. Get to the search box on the taskbar and type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers.

Select the folder from the list of results and delete all the files in the folder. Now open Services and select Print Spooler. Get to the Startup Type list and check if Automatic is selected in the list and choose OK.

The troubleshooter will check the list of latest printer drivers and fix or update them if required. Use this tool to overcome connectivity issues and printer spooler problems. You can resolve most issues without user intervention.

Most printer issues can be overcome by using the Windows Printer Troubleshooter. This tool can also be used to detect most connectivity related issues and resolve them. You can also set the printer as Default as this can help you overcome the printer offline issue and printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc.

However, this tool is exclusive for Windows users only. It is equally reliable as compared to the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This tool is very useful for first-time printer users as it is concise and lets you resolve most printer issues.

The Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter is really simple to use. It contains an in-built software that scans the connection between your computer and the printer. It will also prompt you to perform certain simple operations with guided instructions for overcoming printer issues for printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc.

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