printer connected but not printing

[Fixed] Printer Connected But Won’t Printing

The printer connected but won’t printing issue generally arises because of various reasons. Some of the common causes are incompatible cartridges, corrupted drivers, incorrect type of paper, and more. Follow the troubleshooting steps that are provided on this page to resolve the issue.

8 Steps To Fix Printer Won’t Printing Problems

  1. Check if the driver of your printer is damaged or outdated.
  2. Remove the driver from the PC if it is corrupted.
  3. Reinstall the software’s newest version from the manufacturer’s page.
  4. Try to restart the entire network connection.
  5. Reset the complete print spooler service.
  6. Do a print task to ensure that the printing issue has been rectified.
  7. Verify the main input tray is loaded with enough papers.
  8. Make sure to use your printer as the default one.
printer connected but won't printing

7 Brief Points To Resolve The Printer Won’t Printing Issue

Navigate to the Control Panel section on your Personal Computer and choose the Devices & Printers option. Find the model of your printer in the list of printing devices. Right-click on your printer’s name in which you are facing the printer connected but won’t printing problem and select the See What’s Printing option from the drop-down box.

Choose the Printers menu on the new window that opens on your computer. Click the Open As Administrator option in the drop-down list. Open the Printer menu again and then click the Cancel All Documents option. A confirmation dialog box will open. Confirm to clear all the files that are present inside the queue by clicking the Yes button.

Now run a print task to ensure the print error has been solved. Ensure your printer has sufficient papers inside the main input tray. If there is enough paper, confirm there are no jammed or stuck sheets into the printer. Check the toner or ink levels of your printer. Replace the toner or ink cartridges if the levels are low or empty to fix printer connected but won’t printing issues.

Try using your printer as the default. Switch the printer Off and then wait for at least twenty seconds. Unplug the printer’s electrical cable from the rear of the printer. Power Off your system which you are using to do the print operation. Reinsert the electrical cable to the printer’s back and then switch On the device.

Now detach the electrical cable from the access point or network router and then do not continue for about ten seconds. Reattach the cable to your network router and then switch On the computer. Ensure that the computer is linked to the Wi-Fi network.

A Virtual Private Network is utilized for making a secure connection. When you are actually linked to a VPN or Virtual Private Network, the wireless printer will not be able to do the print function.

Temporarily turn Off the VPN connection on your PC and then carry out a print job. Ensure that the settings on the access point or router are set correctly. Disable any running or firewall software for a temporary duration of time to resolve printer connected but won’t printing problem.

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