Pantum M6600nw Paper Jam


If your Pantum M6600NW printer shows the ‘Paper Jam’ error on its LCD, you might not be able to print your documents until the error is resolved. Sometimes, a paper jam error might be false.

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In such cases, restarting your printer might help you identify the false error. If the error reappears, follow the troubleshooting steps given below.

  1. First, turn off your printer.
  2. Let the printer cool down for some time.
  3. Raise the scanner unit until it locks.
  4. Open the output bin to the upper right ridge of the concave section.
  5. Remove the laser toner cartridge along with the guides.
  6. Remove the jammed paper from the printer.
  7. Refix the toner cartridge.
  8. Make sure you hear a click sound while fixing the cartridge.
  9. Take out the paper from the tray and reinsert it.
  10. Lower the scanner unit and restart your printer.
  11. Check if the paper jam error is fixed.

How can you prevent Pantum M6600NW paper jam?

  1. It is suggested to use only printer-supported media for printing. If you do use other print media, you might end up with a paper jam error.
  2. Avoid loading the paper more than the specified limit. There will be a mark in the paper tray to notify the maximum paper limit. If you exceed the limit of loading paper, the printer will struggle to feed the paper while printing.
  3. Always fan the paper stack before you load it into the paper input tray. Fanning the paper is the most recommended process before loading print media. It also helps your printer to feed a single sheet for printing.
  4. Make sure not to adjust the paper guides tightly against the paper stack. If you adjust the paper stack tightly, you may get torn out paper while printing.

If you follow the above steps, your Pantum M6600NW printer might be free from paper jams.

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