My Printer Is Not Connecting To Wifi

To connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network, install the full-feature drivers for your printer. Choose your printer model and download the drivers from the web. Use the installation CD-ROM provided with the printer package to install the drivers and fix the problems of my printer is not connecting to wifi.

How To Connect The Printer To A Wifi Network

  1. Press the Power button to switch on the printer.
  2. Choose the Wireless icon on the printer control panel.
  3. Select the Setup icon and tap Restore Network Defaults.
  4. Tap Yes to confirm your choice.
  5. Touch the Back arrow, after restoring the default network settings.
  6. Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  7. Click your wireless network name and enter the WEP key for your Wi-Fi connection.
  8. Tap Done and try printing a sample page. If it fails to connect, publish a Wireless Network Test Report to inspect the origin of the error.
How to connect printer to wifi

Troubleshooting The Problem Of Printer Not Connecting To Wifi

To resolve the problem of my printer is not connecting to wifi, first use the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network. On the printer control panel, click the Wireless icon. Select the Setup icon. Tap Restore Network Defaults to restore the default network settings in your printer. Touch Yes to confirm your choice.

After the printer restores the default settings, press the back arrow and tap Wireless Settings. Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard, and the printer starts to search for the available networks. Press the down arrow until you locate your Wi-Fi network name. Select on your Wi-Fi network name to connect with that network.

If you did not find your Wi-Fi network in the list of networks displayed, then tap Enter New Network Name. Type your Wi-Fi network name. Make sure that you use the upper case and lower case alphabets carefully as given in the exact network name. Type the WPA/WEP key for your Wi-Fi network to connect the printer to that network.

Select Done. Once the printer connects to the Wi-Fi network, the blue light flashes on the printer control panel, if the printer fails to connect to the Wi-Fi network, try printing a Wireless Network Test Report for finding where the error occurs. Try using the HP Smart app to connect the printer to a wireless network and move to the next step of fixing my printer is not connecting to wifi.

On your computer, install the HP Smart app from the store. Turn on the printer. Press the Wireless and Cancel button simultaneously until the Wireless light and Power light flashes. Open the HP Smart app on your computer, and select the printer icon. Choose Set Up a New Printer, and then select Continue.

Enter the WPA/WEP key and wait until the printer connects to the network. Click Continue, and then select Exit Setup. The Wireless blue light on the printer will flash indicating that the printer is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If still the printer is not connected to the network using the temporary USB connection.

In Windows, search for HP. Choose your printer name from the list displayed. If the drivers are not installed, install the drivers from the web. The HP Printer Assistant opens, select the utility tab. Select Printer Setup and Software, and then choose Reconfigure Wireless Settings. Follow the instruction displayed to fix my printer is not connecting to wifi problem.

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