My Brother Printer Is Not Printing

My Brother Printer Is Not Printing

If your Brother printer is not printing, consider the procedure given below to fix the issue.

My Brother Printer Is Not Printing

Checking the Brother printer’s power:

  1. Verify whether the LED lights on the printer are turned on.
  2. You can see a stable LED light when the power is enabled.
  3. If you see any lights blinking, it is a printer error.
  1. Open the tray and remove the loaded paper and cartridges. Reload them again.
  2. Check the power source and reconnect the power cable. If it is a power issue, the Brother printer not printing issue will be fixed after reconnecting the power cable.

Verify the connection:

  1. If you have connected the printer and computer through a wireless network, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network.
  2. Print a test page to find the issue on the printer.
  3. Press the Go button three times to print the report sheet.
  4. If you have made a USB connection, connect the computer and printer directly using a USB cable
  1. remove the connection from the hub.
  2. For a wired connection, check the connection between the printer and router.
  3. Make sure to set the Brother printer as a default one. 
  4. If the printer is offline, turn it online.

Update the printer driver:

  1. You may also face the Brother printer not printing issue if the driver is outdated.
  2. In such cases, you have to update the printer driver.
  3. Go to the official Brother website to download the recent version of the driver.
  4. Enter the model number and go to the printer’s page.
  5. Download the latest version of the driver and install it to fix the issue.
Update the printer driver

Brother Printer reset:

  1. If you are still facing the issue, reset the printer.
  2. Select the Reset option on the printer to turn all the settings to the factory defaults.
  3. Once you have performed the reset, again configure the printer to fix the Brother printer not printing issue.

Paper jam issue:

  1. If any paper is stuck inside the printer, remove it.
  2. Reload the paper stack after properly aligning it.
  3. Once you have reloaded the paper stack, check if you are able to print.
  4. If the printer hadrun out of ink, replace the ink cartridges.

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