lexmark x6675 troubleshooting

Lexmark X6675 Troubleshooting

Sometimes, an issue might arise with the Lexmark X6775 printer, do not worry. We have the solutions to all the errors that occur with your printer. Problems can occur due to several reasons. You need to analyze it and then choose a Lexmark x6675 troubleshooting method to resolve the issue effectively. Problems such as paper jams, network connection problems and hardware related issues are quite common. Follow the procedure specified here to resolve the issues in no time.

Solutions For Problems Occurring With Lexmark X6775 Printer

  1. Enable the USB port by navigating to the Settings option from the Start button.
  2. Check the connectivity of the printer by visiting the Networks screen on your control panel.
  3. Verify whether the internal options are working properly by turning off the printer.
  4. Install the correct set of internal options to solve this issue.
  5. Check if there is ample free space for resources.
  6. Disable defragmentation from the printer’s control panel to print without any problem.
  7. Discard the paper from the scanner unit to sort out the paper jam error.
  8. Examine if the Lexmark printer is connected to the printer.
lexmark x6675 troubleshooting

Detailed Steps On How To Solve Issues With Lexmark X6775 Printer


  • Check if there is any jam in the paper tray. If so, then open the lid of the printer by pulling it upwards. Remove any paper that is stuck there and close the cover.
  • Verify if there is any paper jammed in the Duplex unit. Press the top button to remove the duplex unit. The unit should be pulled when the button is out.
  • Keep the duplex unit aside and check the printer for any paper that is stuck. Discard the paper immediately to solve this issue with Lexmark x6675 troubleshooting guide.
  • Open the scanner lid in the upward direction to see if there is any paper present there. Take it out gently and throw it away.
  • The papers you have loaded should not be damaged or wrinkled. Align the papers on a flat surface before loading them in the input tray.
  • Load a new set of papers and try taking a test print.


  • To sort out any hardware issue, the key solution is to reboot the printer or perform a soft reset.
  • Check if the Lexmark printer is switched on and disconnect the cable from the wall supply outlet. Wait for 10 seconds and then attach the power cord to the power source. This will rectify the Lexmark x6675 troubleshooting issue easily.
  • Print the Menu Settings page to verify whether the Internal option appears in the features list.
  • Check if the Internal option is connected to the appropriate port.
  • Examine whether you have installed the original Lexmark cartridges. Usage of duplicate cartridges will lead to the printer malfunction.


  • The first step is to verify the ink cartridge’s ink level. Do so to ensure that they are low or empty.
  • If so, then replace the cartridges or refill them to resolve the error. To replace, open the top cover of the printer and wait until the printer stays silent. Gently pull out the cartridges and keep them aside for recycling.
  • Unpack the new cartridges from its packet and install them in the respective slots.
  • Cleaning the printhead is the next solution to resolve the error. Open the cover of the printer by pulling it upward.
  • Take the printhead from its slot and keep it on a flat surface.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the printhead. Place it carefully and close the top lid.
  • Service your printer at the nearest service center if the Lexmark x6675 troubleshooting issue is not rectified.
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