lexmark x644e troubleshooting

Lexmark X644E Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting methods are used to solve most of the printer problems. The Lexmark printer is known for its speed. The Lexmark printer can perform any task within a period. Although the Lexmark printer gives strong competition with other printer manufacturing brands, it also causes issues very often. Follow the various Lexmark x644e troubleshooting instructions provided below to fix common printer issues.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps To Fix The Lexmark X644E Printer Issue

  1. Make sure that your printer is connected to the power outlet.
  2. Check if there is any paper jam in the input tray and at the exit bin.
  3. Ascertain that the ink cartridges are full. If the cartridge is low or empty, then refill it.
  4. Do not use a defective power cable for the connection.
  5. Load a sufficient amount of paper into the input tray.
  6. Don’t overload the tray.
  7. Use only the recommended paper for printing.
  8. Update the printer driver software to the latest version. If the printer driver software is out-of-date, then there are chances that the printer could misbehave.
lexmark x644e troubleshooting

Elaborately about the troubleshooting methods used to fix Lexmark printer issue

Step 1: The Lexmark x644e troubleshooting mechanism helps you to fix most of the printer issues manually. A paper jam issue is faced by most of the users while performing the print operation. As soon as the paper jam occurs on the printer, it is displayed on the operator panel.

Step 2: This issue can be resolved manually. Open the front door of the printer. Identify the location where the paper jam occurred, and then gently remove the jammed paper form it. If the printer prints blank pages, then there is a chance of low or empty cartridges.

Step 3: To fix the low ink cartridge issue, you need to refill it with the suitable ink. Purchase the ink from a trusted retailer. The ink cartridge needs to be taken out of the printer. Once done, remove the protective tape from it and then drill a hole by using a screwdriver or needle.

Step 4: Fill the ink into the cartridge by using a syringe. Refill the empty cartridge gently and place it back into the printer. Do a trial print to check whether the problem has resolved. If the printer does not print some documents, then it shows that the file contains unavailable fonts. To fix this issue, go with the Lexmark x644e troubleshooting instructions given below.

Step 5: Open the document you want to print by using a PDF reader. Click the Printer icon and choose the Print as image option. Click OK. Now, check if the problem has resolved. The control panel goes blank as a result of the multi-function printer self-test failure.

Step 6: To fix this issue, turn off your printer, and wait for 10 to 20 seconds so that the printer reboots. Now power on the printer and check the control panel for the error message. If the Ready message is not displayed, contact our technical team to resolve Lexmark x644e printer troubleshooting problem.

Step 7: If the Lexmark printer does not perform the Print operation. When the printer is not ready, the output bin is full, the input tray is empty, and a wrong print driver is installed. Start the Print operation only when the Ready or Power Saver appears on display.

Step 8: If the Ready message is not displayed, then wait for it to appear. Now perform the Print operation. If the output is full, then remove the overloaded paper from it. If the input tray is empty or low, then load the sufficient paper in the tray. Check the printer driver of your printer.

Step 9: If you’re using a USB port, then check whether the operating system you run is suitable for your printer. If you use the defective power cable for the connection, then replace it with a compatible one. Use only a recommended interface cable for connection.

Step 10: If the printer takes more time to print, then it indicates that the job is too complex, and the Page Protect set to ON. To reduce the complexity of your print job, remove the number, size of fronts, and the complexity of images. To disable the Page Protect, select the Settings option, click Print Recovery followed by General Settings. This will disable the Page Protect option with the help of Lexmark x644e troubleshooting manual.

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