lexmark x5320 error 1203

Lexmark X5320 Error 1203

The Lexmark x5320 printer displays the error message 1203 on the printer’s control panel. This Lexmark x5320 error 1203 indicates that the issue is either related to Alignment error or the cartridge. Refill or replace the Lexmark ink cartridges. Always use genuine Lexmark printer cartridges. Also, check the cartridge alignment. Ensure that your printer is turned on. Check whether the power cord is inserted correctly. Make sure that the input tray is loaded with enough plain blank paper.

Quick Steps To Fix The Lexmark X5320 Printer Error 1203

  1. Take the printer cartridges out of the printer.
  2. Close your cartridge carrier lid. Close the scanner lid.
  3. Detach the power cord from the power outlet.
  4. Plug in the power cord back to the electrical wall outlet and the printer.
  5. Turn on the Lexmark x5320 printer, if it is turned off.
  6. Re-insert the printer cartridges back.
  7. Print a test page.
  8. This is to check whether the error has been fixed.
lexmark x5320 error 1203

The Elaborate Steps To Fix The Lexmark X5320 Printer Error 1203

Point 1: First, turn on the Lexmark x5320 printer. Connect the power cord to the Lexmark printer and the wall outlet. Make sure that the wires are inserted properly. Ensure that there is sufficent paper loaded in the printer. For an Alignment error, follow the steps given below to resolve Lexmark x5320 error 1203. Take the printer cartridges out of the printer. Check if the tapes and stickers are removed from the cartridge. Re-insert the printer cartridge. Tap the Tick symbol for aligning the cartridges. It is suggested to use genuine Lexmark printer cartridges to fix the issue. For aligning the print cartridges. Load plain paper in the input tray. From the Lexmark printer’s control panel, tap the Copy mode option. Click the drop-down menu of the copy mode, until you find the Tools option. Now press the Tick symbol. Press the arrow button again until you find the Maintenance option. Now click the Tick symbol. An alignment test page will be printed.

Point 2: If you find that the print quality has not improved, try cleaning the cartridge nozzles. To do so, follow the proceeding steps. Load plain paper into the input tray. Press the Copy Mode option. On the Copy Mode drop-down, scroll down until you find the Tools option. Press the Tick symbol option. Keep scrolling until the Maintenance option appears. Tap the Tick symbol. Keep scrolling the drop-down menu until the Clean Cartridges option appears. Now confirm the operation by selecting the Tick symbol. Try printing a test page to check whether the issue has been fixed.

Point 3: If the issue persists, remove the printer cartridges from the slots. Slightly dampen the lint-free cloth in water, place the dampened cloth on a flat surface. Place the nozzle against the cloth for about five seconds. Take the nozzles away and wipe the damped area with a dry cloth. Allow the nozzle contacts to dry completely. Re-insert the printer cartridges. Try printing a test a page now.

Point 4: If the Lexmark x5320 error 1203 continues and one of the cartridges are not working properly, proceed with the following steps. Open the cartridge carrier lid, and then remove the cartridge which has caused the trouble. Close the cartridge carrier lid. Detach the power cord from the Lexamark printer and the wall outlet. Connect the power cord back to the printer and the electrical wall outlet. Tap the power button if the printer is not turned on. Place the problematic ink cartridge back into the respective slot of the printer. Try printing a test page. The issue must be fixed now.

Point 5: If you find the error message as Black ink low, Photo ink low, or Color ink low, follow the proceeding steps. Check the estimated ink level of the ink tank to find out which cartridge is low, replace the ink cartridge with a new Lexmark ink cartridge. Now tap the Tick symbol to fix the issue. By following the above-mentioned method, you can solve the Lexmark x5320 error 1203.

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