lexmark x4530 troubleshooting

Lexmark X4530 Troubleshooting

The Lexmark X4530 could face issues while printing, copying or scanning. These problems have solutions that are easy to follow. At times, the error message appears. This message indicates that the printer cannot perform the function due to some technical issues. In such cases, you need to uninstall and re-install the printer software. Some major issues get resolved on resetting the printer to its default settings and find below the top issues and Lexmark x4530 troubleshooting solutions.

Common Steps To Follow When Troubleshooting Lexmark X4530

  1. Make sure that you have turned the Lexmark X4530 printer on.
  2. Verify whether all the connections of your Printer are plugged securely.
  3. Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection you have connected to your device is active and strong.
  4. Examine whether the protective tapes are removed completely when you install a new printer or cartridge.
  5. Ensure that your Lexmark X4530 Printer is connected to your PC and is turned on.
  6. Check if the printer driver is outdated and update it if necessary.
  7. Place the paper stack in the correct limit and the corresponding tray.
  8. Make sure that the ink level of the toner cartridge is not low.
  9. Check if the Scanner lid of the printer is closed while copying or scanning.
lexmark x4530 troubleshooting

Lexmark X4530 Troubleshooting Solution For Top Issues


  • If the menu options are in an incorrect language, then reset the printer to factory defaults, and then specify your preferred language.
  • Once the setup process is complete and your printer doesn’t turn on, then detach the power cord from the electric socket and insert it into another outlet. Press the power button on the machine.
  • If there are issues while installing the Printer Software, check if the operating system is compatible with the driver you download. Verify whether your PC has the requirements listed in the user manual. Check if the USB connection is secure. Ascertain that the Wi-Fi indicator is turned on, thereby ensuring the presence of a wireless connection.


  • For better print quality, use the appropriate paper for the document to check if the cartridges are aligned properly. The nozzles need to be cleaned regularly. Examine the Cartridge to check the ink levels.
  • If you find that the quality of paper deteriorates at the edges of the page, then check the minimum print margin settings, choose the Borderless print feature. Ensure that you use Photo Paper while you perform borderless printing.
  • If the print speed is slow, then try maximizing computer’s processing speed. Choose a lower Print quality from the print properties and finally try uninstalling and re-installing the software.
  • If the Ink levels seem to decrease quickly, then you might have been printing high definition photos or documents at the maximum settings. Alter it to Lower Quality/Speed Setting to reduce the ink consumption and follow the above mentioned Lexmark x4530 troubleshooting solution.


  • If you encounter a poor output quality in copied documents, you need to clean the scanner glass, check the level of ink of the cartridges and replace them if necessary. Also, modify the brightness settings, verify whether the original document is of good quality, and make sure that you have placed the print side of the original document facing the scanner glass.
  • If the photocopies of the document are printed partially, then check the document placement, ensure that the paper size you use matches the size you have selected, and set the original size setting to Automatic.


  • If your Scanner is not responding, then check if you have powered on your machine, examine whether the printer is set as default, the pause settings and remove & re-install the software.
  • In case you cannot perform a scan job successfully, then check if the USB connection is secure, restart your System, and then uninstall the software & re-install it.
  • To resolve the Poor scan quality issue, clean the scanner glass, adjust the quality of the scan and check if the quality of the originals are satisfactory and you have loaded the document facing the scanner glass.


  • To avoid paper jams, use new & unwrinkled paper. Load them in the appropriate tray, remove each page as it comes out, align the paper guides properly, and load sheets within the exact limit.
  • When you try clearing the Paper Jam, make sure you turn the printer on, firmly grasp the sheet and pull it outward.

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