lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting

Lexmark X3350 Printer Troubleshooting

Lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting refers to the methods or solutions used to fix the issue. The common printer problems are paper jam, printer offline, scanner error, outdated driver, improper connection, print quality errors, and more. These issues mainly occur due to improper maintenance. Resetting the printer can fix the issue; it is a primary solution for every issue. If the device encounters a problem, it is not possible to print from it. Sort out the issue and then try to print from the printer.

What Are The Issues That The Lexmark X3350 Printer Encounters?

  1. Remove the torn pieces of paper from the printer if there is a paper jam issue.
  2. Delete all the print jobs from the print queue if the print job gets stuck in the queue.
  3. Download the updated printer driver and install it if there is a communication issue.
  4. Connect the printer to the network properly if the printer encounters a network issue.
  5. Check the network connection status of the printer if there is any connection issue.
  6. For all the errors displayed on the printer, resetting or rebooting the printer may clear the error.
  7. Identify the printer issue from the printer’s operation panel.
  8. Get to know the solution for the issue and take the necessary steps to troubleshoot it.
lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting

What Are The Solutions For The Lexmark Printer Issues?

Step 1: For Lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting, first check if the power cable connected to the printer is working correctly. Remove all the foreign objects located inside the Lexmark printer. Discard it and then try to print from the printer.

Step 2: If the printer uses ink cartridge, check if the protective tape attached on top of it is removed properly. If any part of the label is stuck on the printer, it can also result in the issue. Tear them properly to avoid the issue in the future. Use cartridges that are compatible with the printer model.

Step 3: If the printer encounters a network issue or the signal strength is weak, try to print the network settings page. Examine the document to check the network status.

Step 4: Open the menu on the printer’s control panel. Click the Network Setup option followed by the Print Setup Page option. Check if the communication between the printer and the system is proper. Check if the system is connected to the network. If it is not, set the router’s frequency band to 2.4GHz.

Step 5: Connect the printer and the system to the same network. View the status of the network connection from the control panel. If the network status displays as Connected, the connection is established. If you see the message ‘Cannot associate with the wireless network’ on the computer screen, it can be due to incorrect network credentials input.

Step 6: Do not connect the printer to a Virtual Private Network. First, disconnect the printer from the network for a complete network connection. Deactivate the firewall settings on the router and enable it again after reestablishing the network connection to the printer.

Step 7: If the signal strength of the network is low, move the printer and the system close to the router for better signal strength. All these network connection issues can be resolved with the help of the steps mentioned above.

Step 8: If the system or printer shows an offline issue, it can be due to the poor or failed communication between the devices. This issue can be resolved with the help of the Lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting steps given below.

Step 9: Assign the currently used printer as the default one. A list of installed printers displays on the screen. Right-click on the used printer and check if the Use Printer Offline option is enabled. If yes, deselect the option and then remove all the print jobs in the print queue.

Step 10: De-install the printer driver from the system and then reinstall the updated version. After installing, check if the issue recurs. Proceed to print from the printer by following the Lexmark x3350 printer troubleshooting manual.

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