lexmark wireless printer setup

Lexmark Wireless Printer Setup

To set up a Lexmark printer wirelessly, you need to insert the installation CD on your operating system and Run the setup as per the instructions given by the installer. The wireless connection lets you use the printer from anywhere within the range of the network. The main advantage of using Wireless printer is that it is not necessary to connect the printer directly (using USB cable) to a computer on the network. Go with the instructions given below to Lexmark wireless printer setup.

Quick Steps To Set Up The Lexmark Printer Wirelessly To Print

  1. Ascertain that you have turned on your printer and computer, before starting the wireless setup.
  2. Ensure that you place your printer and computer within the range of the wireless network.
  3. Press the Settings icon on your printer’s control panel.
  4. Select the Network Setup option from the list.
  5. Tap the Wireless Network option in the Network Setup section.
  6. Select your Network name (SSID) from the list displayed and enter Network key & Password in the respective entry field.
  7. Click Continue to finish the Lexmark wireless printer setup and select the Install Drivers link to set up the printer on your computer.
  8. Select Finish and perform a test print.
lexmark wireless printer setup

The Setup Procedure To Connect The Lexmark Printer Wirelessly

Step 1: Performing the Lexmark printer’s wireless setup process is easy. In this manner, you can connect the printer to a computer over a Wi-Fi network. Go with the instructions given below to set up the Lexmark printer on your operating system. Before you begin the installation, ascertain that your wireless network is working properly.

Step 2: Power on your computer, router and printer. Make sure to place the computer and the printer within the range of the wireless network. Gather Service Set Identifier (Network Name), Security type, Network key, passphrase, or password of your wireless router.

Step 3: On your computer, insert the software CD that came with your printer. Click the Run Setup option to start the Lexmark wireless printer setup. Select the Wireless Setup option and choose the Assign IP address automatically tab, and then click the OK button to confirm the choice.

Step 4: Tap the Connect to the button. From the list of connection types, select the Wireless network option. Enter the SSID name, Security key, and click the Continue button. On your computer, click the Install Drivers option to set up the printer and choose the Finish button.

Step 5: Now try to print a test page. If the installation CD is not found in the printer package, go to the manufacturer’s site to download it. Enter your printer’s model number in the entry field and search for driver software that suits your printer. Once you download the driver, install it on your computer, and then follow the instructions on the computer screen.

Step 6: You can also set up the printer on the Wireless network by using the printer’s control panel. Go with the instructions given below to set up the printer on the wireless network.

Step 7: On your Printer’s control panel, press the Settings icon. Select the Network Setup option displayed in the Setting window. Choose the Wireless Networking option and make sure that the Active Network is set to Wireless 802.11 b/g/n.

Step 8: The printer will search for Wireless network, as soon as you select the Wireless Networking option. If the printer fails to display the Wireless network, then check whether the router is active or not.

Step 9: If the router is inactive, then press the power button on the router. Now, choose the Network name, and then enter the Network key or password.

Step 10: The printer setup process begins. Once the Lexmark wireless printer setup is complete, the printer will display a successful connection. Now try a test print to verify the connection.

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