lexmark t650n troubleshooting

Lexmark T650N Troubleshooting

In Lexmark, troubleshooting helps to sort out various issues or problems that occur in the printer like paper jam, printer offline issue, paper tray problem, cartridge issue, driver issue, etc. The Lexmark t650n troubleshooting acts as a guide to solve various types of problems in the Lexmark printer.

Steps For Lexmark T650N Printer Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure that the correct printer software is installed.
  2. Check whether you are using a recommended serial, USB, or Ethernet cable.
  3. Verify that the paper tray is empty and check for any paper jams. The stack of paper that you place should not exceed the maximum stack height shown in the tray.
  4. Check whether the standard exit bin is full.
  5. Make sure the printer cables are securely connected.
  6. Check if the printer has sufficient memory.
  7. See if the page protect setting is changed to Off.
  8. You can also reset the printer by waiting for about 10 seconds, and check if the toner or ink is evenly distributed in the cartridge.
lexmark t650n troubleshooting

Detailed Explanation For Lexmark T650N Printer Troubleshooting

Step 1: For the network connection, verify that the internal print server is installed correctly and the printer is connected to the network. You can also print a network setup page and make sure the status displays Connected. If the status displays as Not Connected, check for the network cables and print the network setup page again by using the Lexmark t650n troubleshooting solution.

Step 2: For the paper tray issue, check if the paper type setting matches with the paper loaded in the tray. View the Paper Type setting from the Paper menu from the printer’s control panel. Before proceeding to start a print job, specify the correct type setting. Choose the type from Print Properties for Windows and Print dialog for Macintosh.

Step 3: For paper jams, ensure the paper is placed properly by opening the paper tray. Check if there are any misfeeds or paper jams. Ensure that the paper guides are aligned at the edges of the paper. Check if the paper is closed correctly.

Step 4: You can also reset the printer by switching it off, waiting for about 10 seconds, and then switching it on.

Step 5: For print driver issue, verify that the printer driver is installed properly and the version is correct. Check for the recent updates. Check if the model number of the software matches the model number of the printer.

Step 6: In case of a cartridge issue, shake the cartridge well by removing it from the holder so that the ink or toner spreads evenly inside the cartridge. Now, install the cartridge again by following the procedure available on the Lexmark t650n troubleshooting manual.

Step 7: In printing documents, the print application may contain invalid data or a formatting error. Delete the print application and print it again. In the case of PDF documents, recreate the PDF and print it again.

Step 8: To change the page protect settings to Off, tap the icon on the printer’s control panel. Tap the arrow buttons until Settings displays and select the checkmark. Similarly, tap the arrow buttons and choose Settings > Setup Menu > Print Recovery > Page Protect > Off and place a checkmark on them.

Step 9: Verify that the ISP is securely attached to the printer system board and check whether the cable is connected securely to the correct connector.

Step 10: Check if the page that gets jammed reprints after you clear the jam by tapping the icon and choose the arrow buttons until Settings appears. Now, select any checkmark by marking on it. Select the arrow buttons and choose General Settings > Print Recovery > Jam Recovery and mark a tick on the checkbox. Finally, tap the On or Auto option by using the arrow buttons and enable it. Still you need more related information regarding the query of Lexmark t650n troubleshooting, then start to connect with our tech experts.

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