lexmark pro905 troubleshooting

Lexmark Pro905 Troubleshooting

To resolve certain issues on your LEXMARK PRO 905, make sure that you perform the basic Lexmark pro905 troubleshooting operations. Check if you have plugged the Power Cord properly into the rear of the printer and the electrical socket. Check if you have turned on the device. The connections to the host computer and Wi-Fi Network need to be checked. Examine any error messages appear on the screen and try to resolve them. Clear the paper jams if they occur and install new cartridges if necessary. Power cycle the printer after a few seconds.

Troubleshoot The Lexmark Pro 905

Perform the steps mentioned below if the solutions given above do not solve your issue.

  1. Remove and re-insert the printhead.
  2. Ascertain that your printer is compatible with your system.
  3. Choose the Borderless Print feature if the print quality is poor at the edges of the page.
  4. Try cleaning the printhead nozzles if streaks appear on the printed image.
  5. Switch to the Ethernet connection if the Wi-Fi signal is not strong.
  6. Verify if the memory card suits your system when you try to print a document.
  7. Update the firewall if it is outdated.
lexmark pro905 troubleshooting

Lexmark Pro905 Troubleshooting Various Issues On Lexmark Pro 905


  • Detach the Printhead from the device, clean and re-install them.
  • Change the language on the printer menu, if an incorrect one appears.
  • Disable the security programs temporarily in Windows before installing the driver.
  • Choose your Printer from the print dialog before you start a print job.
  • If your printer prints blank pages, then try reinstalling the Cartridges.
  • If the printer does not respond, check for the connections and reconnect the power cord.


  • Turn off the device before you start to clear the jams.
  • Open the scanner unit to check for jammed paper.
  • Grasp the paper and gently pull it outwards.
  • Make sure you detach the duplex unit if you try to clear the jam from it.
  • Load paper in smaller amount with the print side facing downwards.
  • Remove each printed page.
  • Align the paper guides to secure the paper loaded.


  • Replace the low or vacant ink cartridges.
  • Maximize the computer’s processing speed if your device prints at a slower rate.
  • Select the paper type manually to match the one you have loaded.
  • Increase the print quality from the printer software to enhance the quality of printing and fix the problem using Lexmark pro905 troubleshooting manual.


  • If the copier or scanner doesn’t respond, then try removing and re-installing the printer software.
  • Make sure you have set the LEXMARK PRO 905 as the default printer.
  • Check if there are any obstructions present if you cannot close the Scanner Unit.
  • To overcome the poor quality of the copy or scanned image, clean the scanner glass, adjust the scan quality and use a version that is better than the original.


  • If you cannot print from your mail, then check if the e-mail setup is complete and has successfully configured the SMTP Server.
  • Your network connection has to be active for the Printer to communicate with the SMTP Server.
  • The SMTP Server connection should be compatible with the proxy server configuration.
  • If you are unable to attach any files, then check if you have selected a supported file type and that the file size is not too large and resolve the problem with Lexmark pro905 troubleshooting guide.


  • Ensure that the Printer, the Computer, and the Wireless Access Point are all plugged in and turned ON.
  • Check if the printer port you have selected is correct.
  • Examine whether the IP address and the gateway of your network are correct.
  • In the case of a wired connection, make sure that the Ethernet cable and the connectors are not damaged.
  • Reset the wireless settings to factory defaults, which helps to resolve issues using Lexmark pro905 troubleshooting manual.
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