lexmark pro901 printhead error

Lexmark Pro901 Printhead Error

If the Printhead error message is displayed on your printer, then it can result in the print quality issue. This Lexmark pro901 printhead error message can be displayed in the following formats depending on the printer model.

  • Unsupported Printhead
  • Printhead Problem
  • There is a problem with the Printhead.
  • Printhead error.

You can resolve the printhead issue on your Lexmark Pro 901 by following the suggestions mentioned below. The time required to resolve the problem depends on network quality.

Resolve The Printhead Issue In Lexmark Pro 901 Printer

  1. Check if you have updated the driver firmware for your Lexmark Pro printer.
  2. Verify the network connection status of your home router.
  3. Clean the printhead manually or automatically.
  4. Touch the Ink level icon on your printer and press the More Options choice.
  5. Click the Replace Printhead option by scrolling down the menu on the operation panel of your printer.
  6. Press the Wrench icon if your printer is not a touch-based display.
  7. Tap the Maintenance menu and check the box Ok.
  8. Scroll down and locate the Replace Printhead option, and then check the Ok option again.
lexmark pro901 printhead error

Detailed Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Pro 901 Printhead Issue

Step 1: To resolve the Lexmark pro901 printhead error, follow the procedure given below. You can fix the printhead issue by following either of the two options mentioned below. You must have an active network connection to avoid interruptions while performing printhead cleaning.

Step 2: As a first step, you will have to clean the printhead. You can clean the printhead automatically or manually. In case your printer has the touch display, touch the Ink Level option, and press the More Options choice.

Step 3: Scroll down to the menu and select Replace Printhead. Wait until the printhead cleaning is performed. Now, check if you can perform the print function using your printer. If your printer does not have the touch display, then press the Wrench button.

Step 4: Find the Maintenance Menu and click the checkbox that displays the Ok option. Once again navigate down to find the Replace Printhead option by scrolling down the menu. Check the Ok option and wait until the printhead is cleaned.

Step 5: To perform printhead cleaning manually to fix Lexmark pro901 printhead error, press the front of the printer’s carrier to release the latch. Carefully lift the printhead out of the printer carrier. Ensure that you do not make any contact with the bottom and back areas of your printer.

Step 6: Touching the electrical contacts can result in bad quality prints. Clean the printhead contacts on your Lexmark Pro printer. You will have to wipe the printhead contacts using a lint-free and clean cloth.

Step 7: It is not recommended not to touch the ink nozzles and make sure you do not wipe them. This can result in printing issues while using the printer functions. Clean the printhead carefully and wait until it is dry.

Step 8: Firmly re-insert the printhead in its slot and lower the latch until it clicks in its slot. Press the printhead gently and make it certain that it is tightly locked in its place. Lower the latch and close the cover on your printer.

Step 9: If removing and re-inserting the printhead does not resolve the issue, then proceed with the second option. Check if you have updated the firmware of your printer. If the driver you have downloaded is not appropriate with your printer, then uninstall the old one.

Step 10: Ensure that you download and install the printer driver from a trusted or manufacturer website. Check if the Lexmark pro901 printhead error is resolved and try to perform the print function.

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