lexmark printhead error fix

Lexmark Printhead Error Fix

Sometimes, problems like paper jam error, printhead error, scanner errors occur in printers. To solve this, you should follow certain solutions. Here, we are going to resolve the Lexmark printhead error. To do that, clean the printhead using the steps below and check whether it has been resolved. You have both detailed and quick steps for Lexmark printhead error fix. This procedure can be applied to fix any Lexmark printer that has a printhead.

Steps To Fix Lexmark Printhead Error

  1. Tap the Ink Level icon -> More Options -> Replace Printhead for touchscreen printer models.
  2. Open the printer and lift the latch.
  3. Hold the sides and lift the printhead out of the printer carrier.
  4. Clean the contacts of the printhead carrier.
  5. Use a lint-free clean cloth to wipe the printhead contacts.
  6. Close the latch by reinserting the printhead until it clicks into place.
  7. Close the cover by lowering the latch.
  8. Update the printer software to its latest version.
lexmark printhead error fix

Detailed Explanation To Fix Lexmark Printhead Error

Step 1: If the error in the Lexmark printer such as Printhead problem, Unsupported Printhead, Printhead error occur, there is a problem with the printhead. To resolve this, we need to clean the printhead and update the firmware using Lexmark printhead error fix solution.

Step 2: In case of touchscreen models, press the Ink Level icon at the lower-right corner of the screen to clean the printhead.

Step 3: Now, tap More Options and scroll the menu down to select the Replace Printhead option. For other printer models, tap the Wrench button. Scroll to the Maintenance Menu and select OK. Choose OK by scrolling to the Replace Printhead option.

Step 4: Now, lift the latch by opening the printer. You should press the front part of the carrier to release the latch.

Step 5: Lift the printhead of the printer carrier and hold it by the sides. Clean the contacts on the printhead carrier.

Step 6: Now this is the frame within the printer from which you just removed the printhead.

Step 7: By using a clean lint-free cloth, wipe the contacts of the printhead. Do not touch the ink nozzles.

Step 8: Insert the printhead firmly and close the latch until it locks into place. Make sure that it is tight and then lower the latch. Now, close the cover. You can also update the printer software to fix the error.

Step 9: If the cartridge error is present, open the scanner lid, take the print cartridge out of it and then close the lid. Now, remove the power cord from the outlet and wait for a few seconds.

Step 10: Again, connect the power cord to the electrical outlet. Tap the Power button to activate the printer if it is not lit. Reinsert the printer cartridge and close the carrier lid and complete the steps of Lexmark printhead error fix.

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