lexmark printhead error 2

Lexmark Printhead Error 2

To fix the Lexmark printhead error 2, all you can do is clean the printhead as per the guided instructions or update the printer firmware. In most cases, you can easily clean the printhead with simple steps. If the printhead error does not clear even after cleaning it, replace it with a new one. Go with the instructions given below to resolve this issue.

Easy Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Printhead Error 2 Issue

  1. Raise the printer cover and remove the printhead.
  2. Avoid touching the printhead nozzle as it may get damaged.
  3. Get a clean, lint-free cloth for cleaning the nozzle.
  4. Dip the clean cloth into the water and gently wipe the printhead nozzle.
  5. Reinsert the Lexmark printhead and press the latch until it places correctly.
  6. Check if the error is resolved. If the error occurs again, then replace it with a new one.
  7. Purchase a new printhead from an online retailer or office store.
  8. Replace the old printhead with the new one. If the error resolves, try printing a document.
lexmark printhead error 2

Read In Detail About How To Resolve Printhead Error 2

Step 1: The Lexmark printhead error 2 issue can be resolved by cleaning the Printhead or by updating the firmware. Read the following instructions to replace the printhead. First, enable the Replace Printhead option in your Lexmark. To do this, carry out the instructions given below.

Step 2: If your Lexmark printer is built with a touchscreen display, touch the Ink Level icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Select More Options, and scroll down to choose Replace Printhead. For printer without a touchscreen, press the Wrench button and navigate to Maintenance menu. Click OK–> Replace Printhead—> OK.

Step 3: After selecting the Replace Printhead option, open the printer cover, and raise the carrier latch. To release the latch, press the front part of the carrier. Remove the printhead from the carrier. Handle it properly and ensure not to touch the bottom & back areas of the carrier.

Step 4: Get a clean, lint-free cloth to clean the printhead. Wipe the printhead nozzle and the carrier contacts. Make sure not to touch or wipe the ink nozzles. Once you finished cleaning the printhead, re-insert it and close the latch. Lower the latch until it clicks to a place and close the printer cover.

Step 5: If the Lexmark printhead error 2 reoccurs, then Update the Firmware. To do this, first, identify the present firmware code of the printer. You can check the current firmware code in Menu Settings Page and from the Embedded Web Server.

Step 6: To print the Menu Settings Page, press Menu–> Reports—> Menu Settings Page on the control panel. Locate Device Information and then choose Base. To check the present firmware code using the Embedded Web Server, open a browser in your operating system.

Step 7: Enter the printer’s IP address, select Reports followed by Device Information, and select the Base option. The number that appears after the first two letters corresponds to the code.

Step 8: After identifying the firmware code, proceed to download the latest printer firmware. Go to the manufacturer’s site, type your printer model, and click Submit.

Step 9: The recommended firmware link will depend on your computer operating system. Choose the exact firmware file and then click Download. You can Save or Run the file.

Step 10: You can update the firmware using the USB utility, USB thumb drive, FTP, Printer File Loader, or by Firmware Update Utility. If the Lexmark printhead error 2 is fixed, perform a test print.

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