lexmark printer troubleshooting

Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting

Lexmark printer troubleshooting is primarily done to keep overcome certain common issues with the printer. Lexmark printers are known for their efficient performance. They also encounter the Troubleshooting issue. The common troubleshooting issues in Lexmark printers are the cables are not inserted properly, firmware updates, paper jam, and the ink cartridges are not inserted properly. Refer to the procedure below to resolve troubleshooting issues with the Lexmark printer.

Quick Steps To Fix The Troubleshooting Issue In The Lexmark Printers

  1. Verify whether the Lexmark printer is turned on.
  2. Check if the USB cable is inserted properly.
  3. Try inserting the USB cable to the other port.
  4. Look for any paper jam.
  5. Fill the input tray with the appropriate paper.
  6. Refill or replace the empty or low Ink cartridges.
  7. Update the Lexmark printer firmware.
  8. Make sure the above-mentioned issues are fixed after printing a test page.
lexmark printer troubleshooting

Elaborate Steps To Troubleshoot The Lexmark Printer

Point 1: All the devices including the Lexmark printer troubleshooting issue after the repeated use of the device. Initially, turn off the printer and turn the printer back on after a minute. Check whether the Lexmark printer is turned on and that the power cable is properly inserted in the wall outlet. Also, check whether the USB cable is inserted properly, or try inserting the USB cable to the other port that is available.

Point 2: Check whether the Lexmark printer encounters a paper jam. Pull out the paper tray. Ascertain that the paper is loaded correctly. Adjust the paper width guides. Fill the appropriate paper in the input tray. Also, check if you fill the input tray with plain papers. Ensure that the paper stack height is below the maximum paper fill indicator. Insert the paper tray back and try printing a document.

Point 3: Always refill or replace the Lexmark ink cartridges with the Lexmark brand. First, remove the empty or low ink cartridges from the ink slots. Clean the contacts of the ink cartridge with a dry cloth to reduce ink smears. Replace or Refill the new ink cartridges for Lexmark printer troubleshooting errors. Remove the tapes surrounding the new ink cartridges. Place the black ink cartridges in the left-hand side and the tri-colored ink cartridges on the right side. Also, replace the ink toners. The toners should be replaced to obtain good quality prints. Just push ink cartridge access handle. Insert the Lexmark toner ink cartridge into the printer. To insert the toner properly, align the side rails of the carriage by following the arrows inside the printer.

Point 4: Go to the Lexmark website. Select the Download or Install software option. Type your Lexmark printer model and operating system. Always install the latest firmware update for the printer to work efficiently. Now Double click on the downloaded file. On your Lexmark printer’s control panel, set the preferences for printing. These settings include double-sided print, color print, and the number of papers to be printed.

Point 5: If the printer is still not responding, follow the upcoming procedure and Lexmark printer troubleshooting manual. Ensure that the Lexmark printer is turned on. Ascertain that the printer is in Sleep or Hibernate mode. If it is in any other mode, press the Sleep button to activate the printer. Make sure that the other electrical equipment is plugged into the electrical outlet. Also, make sure tiny particles are not stuck in the paper tray.

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