lexmark printer troubleshooting

Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is carried out in Lexmark printers for various reasons. The reasons may be that the power cords are not connected properly, paper jam, or printhead problems. To solve these issues, follow the Lexmark printer troubleshooting steps which are given below.

Quick And General Steps To Fix Troubleshooting Of Lexmark Printers

  1. Check whether the AC adapter of your printer is properly inserted into the power outlet.
  2. Verify that the USB cord is properly connected to the port.
  3. Also, check if there is any paper or substance stuck inside the printer by opening the printer’s upper lid. Remove the substance from it.
  4. Carefully lift the plastic cover of the laser toner or the ink cartridge.
  5. See the alignment of the cartridges and move the cartridges which are displaced from their positions.
  6. If you find any error code on the printer screen, try troubleshooting as per the code.
  7. Check if you have any software updates for your printer. If you have to update the software, please do it.
  8. Now, try to do a test print on your printer to know whether the printer is printing or not.
lexmark printer troubleshooting

The Elaborate Steps To Fix The Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting

Step 1: Given below are various types of Lexmark printer troubleshooting steps. Sometimes, documents do not print, the print jobs won’t print, printing blank pages, paper jam, poor print quality, printer not responding, etc.

Step 2: When the documents don’t print, see the documents which appear in the list Held jobs on the control panel. The print job may have invalid data or formatting error. So, delete the print job and then send it again. While you are printing from the internet, the printer may read the multiple job titles as a duplicate. Delete a few held jobs to free up the printer memory. Now, resend the print job.

Step 3: For the prints job which won’t print, first, check whether the printer is turned on. From the document which you are trying to print, open the Print dialog option and select the right printer. Solve the error messages if displayed. Remove and reinstall the printer software again.

Step 4: If the printer prints blank pages or you face the issue of a paper jam, pull out the paper tray. See whether the paper is loaded correctly. If you find any paper stuck, remove them. Adjust the paper guide if needed, and load a sufficient amount of paper. Insert the tray back and try printing the document by following Lexmark printer troubleshooting manual.

Step 5: If you find that the quality of the print is poor, look for the ink cartridges. If you find any empty cartridges, refill them. Ensure that the cartridges are placed in the correct slots.

Step 6: If the printer is not responding, check whether the printer is switched on. Check if the printer is in the sleep mode or hibernate mode. Also, check that the power cords are properly inserted.

Step 7: Check if you are using the compatible paper try and suitable size of the paper for the print job. On the operating system, check the paper size in the printing preferences or print dialog box. Check if the trays are positioned properly. If not again follow the Lexmark printer troubleshooting guide and adjust the tray and try printing now.

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