lexmark printer offline error

Lexmark Printer Offline Error

If your Lexmark printer is showing an offline error, it means that the peripheral is having a hard time with your computer. There may be some reasons for this issue. They include connectivity problems with the printer and computer, paper jams, cartridge problem, and more. There are several ways to check the nature of the issue that your Lexmark printer is facing. The Lexmark printer offline error issue can be resolved in many ways, follow any one of the methods described below to resolve this.

Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Offline Error Issue

  1. Switch the printer off and back on. Resetting the printer sometimes helps to resolve this issue.
  2. Check the printer’s connection status.
  3. Ensure that you are using the USB cable for connection.
  4. Set your Lexmark printer as the default peripheral on your operating system.
  5. Check if any error has occurred inside the Lexmark printer.
  6. Verify the ink or toner cartridge level of your Lexmark printer. If the toner is empty, then there are chances that the printer could go offline.
  7. Cancel the all on-going print jobs on your Lexmark peripheral.
  8. Get the troubleshooting methods described on the manufacturer’s site.
lexmark printer offline error

Learn More About How To Resolve The Lexmark Printer Offline Error Issues

Step 1: The Lexmark printer may go offline due to several issues. You can typically fix your printer offline issue by using one of the methods described here. The first method is to check the connection between your printer and computer. Check the USB cable which is connected to the Lexmark printer.

Step 2: If you have a wireless printer, select the Network setting option and choose Confirm network setting. This will show you the present status of your Lexmark printer network setting. After establishing the connection, press the Start button to print a status sheet about the connection breakdown.

Step 3: If all the setup is correct, and the printer displays an Lexmark printer offline error, then better reset your Lexmark printer. Rebooting helps the Lexmark printer to pick up the connection. If the offline error occurs after rebooting the Lexmark printer, then clear all the on-going print jobs.

Step 4: Try clearing all your print jobs by pressing the Cancel all documents option. This will cancel the printing queue and allow the printer to restart. Another way to fix the Lexmark offline error is by reinstalling the peripheral from your computer or laptop.

Step 5: To remove the Lexmark printer from the list on your computer or laptop, open the Devices and Printers option, right-click the printer model you would like to remove and select Remove. Once you remove the printer from the list, then reinstall it back to the computer.

Step 6: Reinstalling involves linking your Lexmark printer to your computer or laptop with a USB cable and then turn it on. If you are reinstalling a Lexmark wireless printer, switch on the printer. Now on your computer, open the Settings menu, click Change PC settings, and open PC & Devices function. Now select Devices –> Add a Devices and then choose the Lexmark printer to install it.

Step 7: Setting your printer as default also helps you clear the Lexmark printer offline error. To set your Lexmark printer as default on your computer go with the instruction given here. On your Windows computer, click the Start button, and then select the Devices & Printers option from the program list.

Step 8: Right-click on your Lexmark printer, and then select Set as Default Printer. To set it on a Mac computer, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen and then tap System Preferences followed by the Printers & Scanners option.

Step 9: Right-click on your Lexmark printer in the sidebar and then click Set as Default Printer. After setting it up, try to print your document again. If there is a jammed piece of paper inside the printer, then there are chances that this error can occur.

Step 10: To fix this, open the input and output trays, and take out any jammed paper. A Lexmark printer may also go offline if the ink or toner cartridge is empty. Reset the printer again if the Lexmark printer offline error message appears on the screen.

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