lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting

Lexmark Printer MS310DN Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the printer is a systematic approach to solve any complex issues that arise with the Lexmark printer. Errors such as printer offline, toner levels, network and connection problems are addressed in this page. Make use of the guidance provided below to resolve issues with your Lexmark printer. There are various solutions to a single problem. Carry out all the Lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting steps and then service your printer or acquire further assistance if the issue is not rectified.

Quick Solution On How To Solve Lexmark MS310DN Issues

  1. Check if there is power supply provided to the printer before proceeding to troubleshoot it.
  2. Verify whether your Lexmark printer is set as default.
  3. Take a look at the control panel to check if the printer is in the Ready State.
  4. Align the toner cartridges with the printhead to effectively sort out this issue.
  5. Try cleaning the printhead of the Lexmark MS310DN printer to avoid the error.
  6. Examine the ink levels of the cartridges on your computer and replace them if needed.
  7. Rebooting the printer as a last resort to rectify this problem.
  8. Service your printer if the above-given methods do not help you.
lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting

Detailed Solution On How To Solve Errors In Lexmark MS310DN Printer ?


  • Set your Lexmark printer as the default one to solve this error using Lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting. To do so, tap the Start button and then select the Control Panel option.
  • Select the Hardware and Sound option and then tap Printers.
  • Click the Set as Default Printer option to save your settings.
  • Check if the printer is in the Ready State. If not, then the printer will show Offline.
  • Disable the Firewall on your computer to get rid of this issue.
  • Reboot the computer if the above-given solutions fail.


Check if there are any stripes on the printed page. If so, then replace the cartridge or clean the printhead.

  • If the print head nozzles are dirty, then clean it with a cloth to resolve the issue with Lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting.
  • Verified whether the cartridge is low on ink. Replace it if the ink level is low.
  • Next, ensure that the toner cartridges are aligned with the printhead.
  • Align them properly by taking it out and inserting it back again.
  • Set the print density to low if Economode is turned on. Modify both if the issue persists.
  • There are chances that the fuser assembly may be damaged. Check if the toner cartridges installed are defective.


  • This problem might occur if the printer is not able to connect to the printer. Turn off the Wi-Fi feature of your computer and switch it back on to resolve the issue.
  • Disable the Demo Mode on your printer by navigating to the Settings option from the control panel.
  • Verify if your computer is connected to the internet. Your printer and system should be associated with the same network.
  • Change the location of the computer and Lexmark printer. Move them closer to the router to rectify this error.


Initially, check if the cover open switch is the cause of this issue. Pull the top cover and verify whether the control panel displays a Close Door or Insert cartridge message.

  • If anyone of the message is displayed, then replace the open sensor and the switch.
  • Remove the old cartridges from its slot and check if there are any ink leaks. Wipe the toner cartridge with a clean cloth and insert it in the slot.
  • Refilling the cartridge can solve the issue.
  • Turn off the Lexmark printer and the open sensor will disengage. This will solve the issue with Lexmark printer ms310dn troubleshooting guide.
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