lexmark printer error symbols

Lexmark Printer Error Symbols

Lexmark printers are used in homes and offices because of their high reliability. Like other printers, the Lexmark device can also face issues. The problems that occur in Lexmark printers are communicated to users by means of error symbols. Each Lexmark printer error symbols indicates a different fault in the Lexmark printer. If you know what the error symbols are, the problem can be rectified easily. To resolve the issues quickly, comply with the guidelines that are given on this page.

Instructions For Clearing The Error Symbols In The Lexmark Printer

  1. Check if the 31.66, 31.46 or a similar code displays on the control panel. It indicates that a paper jam issue has occurred.
  2. Open the front door and check whether the Cartridge button is stuck.
  3. Ensure that the cartridge plunger is not damaged or broken.
  4. Take the cartridge and the imaging unit out of your Lexmark printer.
  5. Confirm whether any toner is present on the Imaging Unit Port.
  6. Make sure that the port ratchet is in position. Reinstall the supplies into the printer and test the Lexmark printer.
  7. Take the cartridges out and then reinsert them if the error remains unresolved.
  8. Update the Lexmark printer’s firmware.
lexmark printer error symbols

Quick Solutions To Resolve Error Symbols In Lexmark Printer

The instructions for clearing some common errors that occur on the Lexmark printer are given below.

Error code 80: Lexmark printers that are released recently have a counter that notifies users about maintenance. The counter records the number of pages that are printed.

The Lexmark printer error symbols code 80 indicates that your Lexmark printer has printed the maximum number of pages. The solution for this issue is to purchase a new maintenance kit and then install it into the Lexmark printer. For the best performance of the Lexmark printer, it is suggested to use a new maintenance kit.

Error code 201 and 200: The error code indicates that a paper is stuck inside the Lexmark printer’s input and output sensors. Both the error codes can be resolved by removing the jammed paper from the printer. Raise the front door located on the upper side of the Lexmark printer. Handle the printer cartridge using your hands and then take it out of the Lexmark printer.

Release pressure on the paper by pushing the feed rollers. Remove the jammed sheets from your Lexmark printer slowly. If there are no jammed papers under the cartridge, take the paper tray out and then reinstall it. Reinsert the toner cartridge and then shut the access door.

Error code 900: The Lexmark printer error symbols code occurs if there is a network or hardware problem in the Lexmark printer. If the Personal Computer is linked to the Lexmark printer while the error occurs, it indicates there is an issue with the network connectivity.

If the printer is not connected to the system and the issue arises, then it is a hardware related error. To solve the issue, ensure that your Lexmark printer is linked with the Windows or Mac computer properly.

Error code 901: The error occurs when there is a temporary glitch in the engine board. To rectify the 901 error, power Off the Lexmark printer and wait for at least five to ten minutes.

Turn On the Lexmark printer by pressing and holding the Power button. Now, ensure that the error code 901 has disappeared from the printer.

Error codes 904, 903, 905, and 906: This occurs if there is a fault in the Lexmark printer’s system board. Power Off the Lexmark printer, wait for at least ten minutes, and then switch it back On. If the Lexmark printer error symbols is cleared, try printing a sample sheet.

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