lexmark printer error messages

Lexmark Printer Error Messages

The Lexmark printer error messages indicates some issues that have occurred during printing or cartridge reset process. Lexmark printers are known for reliability features, but also cause some technical issues while performing the print job. These issues are denoted via error codes. If you know the error codes, then you can resolve this issue quickly. Go through the description given below to get more information about error codes with their interpretation and solutions.

Quick Steps To Fix The Lexmark Printer Error Message

  1. Take out the jammed paper from the printer when the printer shows 200 & 201 error code.
  2. Replace the empty cartridge kit if the error message refers to maximum pages that are printed.
  3. Check the computer and printer connection if the service error occurs.
  4. Power off the printer, wait for five minutes, and turn it back on. The engine flash error occurs.
  5. Switch off the printer, wait for ten minutes, and then power it back on. This resolves the engine board software failure.
  6. Turn off the printer, wait for ten minutes, and power it back on, to overcome faults in printer’s system board.
  7. Try printing some pages to check whether the error has cleared.
  8. Switch off the AIO to resolve the error code 1120.
lexmark printer error messages

Learn More About The Lexmark Printer Error Messages Appears On The Control Panel

Step 1: Lexmark printer users face some technical errors while printing. Among the most common issues, the Lexmark Printer Error code 1102 highlighted one. This Lexmark printer error messages shows up when the user tries to refill the colored and black cartridge on the Lexmark printer.

Step 2: Let’s see some of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of the 1102 error code. The user has inserted the cartridge incorrectly. If the printer power cord is not working properly, and the user has incorrectly set the printhead on the printer.

Step 3: Go with the instructions described below to resolve this issue. The first step is to reinsert the Printer cartridge. To perform this, remove the cartridge from the printer and close the carriage door. Detach the power cord from the electrical supply and then reconnect it into a power socket.

Step 4: The issue must be resolved after completing the above steps. If the error is still present, then change the black cartridge of your printer with a new one. If the error has resolved, then try to reinsert the color print cartridge.

Step 5: Try to replace the color print cartridge with a new one if the issue persists. Go with the instruction described to get rid of this Lexmark printer error messages.

Step 6: In this method first, power off the AIO power supply from the rear end of the Lexmark printer. Wait for 30-40 seconds, after switching off the AIO power supply, try reinserting the power supply. Turn off the power supply of the AIO, and reboot your printer and system. Take a test print to check the print quality. If this issue remains resolved, contact our experts to get advice.

Step 7: The error codes 200 and 201 on the Lexmark printer indicate that the paper is blocking the peripheral path. It also occurs if the paper stuck between the printer’s input and output. The error 200 & 201 can be cleared by removing the jammed paper from the printer’s pathway.

Step 8: To take off the jammed paper from the printer, follow the description given here. Unlock the front opening of the Lexmark printer. Release the pressure on the paper by pushing the feed roller release lever back. Pull out the paper from the toner. If there isn’t a paper jam under the cartridge after removing the paper, then take out the paper tray and re-insert it.

Step 9: Re-install the cartridge and close the door. The error code 900 indicates a Service error. This occurs due to hardware or network issues on the Lexmark printer.

Step 10: If the printer connected with the computer and the Lexmark printer error messages occurs, then it is related to the network issue. Checking your computer and printer network connection can resolve this issue.

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