lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting

Lexmark Printer E250DN Troubleshooting

Lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting is very simple to use as it faces minor issues and doesn’t trouble you a lot. Before you begin to find a solution, find out the error by viewing the status and color of the light on the control panel. Most of the issues are resolved by performing the Factory Reset. The solutions for other issues like Paper Jams, diminished Print Quality, and leisure printing process are explained below in detail.

Troubleshooting Steps To Be Followed For A Lexmark Printer E250DN

Perform the steps below to troubleshoot the issues that you face while using the Lexmark e250dn Printer.

  1. Verify whether the Printer is on, and the connections are secure.
  2. Check the lights on the Control Panel to determine the nature of the error.
  3. Ensure that the ink levels in the Cartridge are sufficient and replace them if necessary.
  4. Check if you have loaded the paper in the appropriate tray.
  5. The Print Settings need to match the Print Job you perform.
  6. Ensure that the machine is connected to an active Wi-Fi router properly.
  7. Try cleaning the Printhead Lens to resolve Print Quality issues.
  8. Perform the Factory Reset function to solve major issues.
lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting

Detailed Steps For Lexmark Printer E250DN Troubleshooting


  • If the Print job is slower than expected, then try reducing the complexity of the job and set the Operating mode to Normal.
  • If the Ink level of the Toner Cartridge is low, shake the toner firmly and fix it back to extend its usage. If the print output remains faded, then make sure you replace the toner.
  • Turn on the Reduced Curl Mode if the Print Media is curled when it exits the Printer.
  • Update the Printer Driver or the Firmware if it is outdated.


  • Streaked lines appear on the printed page if the Printhead lens is dirty or the toner cartridge is defective. You can solve the issue by cleaning the Printhead Lens with Lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting guide and replacing the toner cartridge or the Fuser.
  • If irregularities are present in the Print output, then make sure that the paper type settings complement the type of paper you use. Do not use textured paper with rough finishes.
  • In case of poor transparent print quality, use transparencies that are recommended by the manufacturer. Ensure that you have modified the Form Type Setting to Transparency.
  • For a skewed print, adjust the paper guides in the tray such that there is a slight gap between the rear guide and the print media.
  • If the printer prints blank pages, then try removing and reinserting the toner cartridges or replace them.
  • Set the form size to match the paper size loaded in the Tray.


In the case of paper jams, the Printer stops functioning, and the lights on the control panel start flashing. Clearing the entire Document path is recommended if a Paper Jam occurs. Go through the Lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting steps below to get to know how to clear Paper Jams on your Lexmark e250dn Printer.

  • Remove the loaded paper from the 150 sheet output bin.
  • Detach the 250 sheet tray from the Printer if you have loaded paper in them.
  • Separate the jammed pages from the bin.
  • To remove the pages from the duplex area, make sure that you have detached the tray and then press the green duplex flap downwards. Unlatch the front door and remove the print cartridge unit. Lift the green flap towards the Printer and remove the jammed sheets behind the flap.
  • Unlatch the rear exit door and remove the jammed sheets.
  • Re-install the printer cartridge assembly and close the access door securely.


  • For connectivity issues, make sure the network’s Signal is strong and active.
  • Switch on to the Ethernet mode if your W-Fi signal is not adequate.
  • Check for any interference that prevents your device from receiving a signal.
  • Move the Router/Modem close to your device.

Still you could not find the solution to fix the problem on your printer, then get more regarding Lexmark printer e250dn troubleshooting solution from our tech experts.

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