Lexmark Mx721 Paper Jam


A paper jam is a common error that frequently occurs on a printer. Lexmark MX721 is an all-in-one printer equipped with extraordinary features. There are some facilities provided with this printer to handle the paper jam issue. When you turn on Jam Assist on this printer, it will flush out all the jammed paper. With its Jam Recovery feature, you can also use the jammed paper for reprinting. However, when these features fail to work, you need to take out the jammed paper manually.

Lexmark Mx721 Paper Jam

How to remove the jammed paper from the Lexmark MX721 printer?

  • A paper jam can occur anywhere inside the printer, and it can spoil the overall functionality of your printer.
  • Whenever there is a paper jam, your printer will show you the exact area where the paper jam has occurred. A paper jam can frequently occur in the input tray, inside the printer, upper door, rear duplex area, manual feeder, or the ADF scanner.
  • If the paper jam has occurred in the trays, remove the specific tray where the jam has occurred.
  • Take out all the jammed paper from the tray and make sure that you have removed all the fragments.
  • Once you have taken out all the jammed paper from the specific tray, reinsert the tray into the printer.
  • In the same manner, you should remove the jammed paper from the specified area.
  • If you want to prevent paper jams, always load fanned and aligned sheets into the paper tray. Never load damp or curled sheets into the printer as it can lead to several problems, including paper jam and paper feed issues. Do not load sheets beyond the indicated limit. Also, make sure not to load one or two sheets. These preventive measures can help you prevent paper jams to some extent.

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