lexmark ms510dn troubleshooting

Lexmark MS510DN Troubleshooting

The Lexmark ms510dn troubleshooting method helps you to fix most of the printer issues. In general, resetting the Lexmark printer will resolve the most common errors in it. The most common printer issues are a paper jam, printer hardware errors, print quality issues, ink cartridges problem and more. The troubleshooting methods are available in the user guide that came with your printer. Otherwise, download it from the manufacturer’s site. Go with the troubleshooting procedure given below to fix the Lexmark ms510dn issue.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps To Check The Lexmark MS510 Printer Issue

  1. Make sure that the Lexmark printer is correctly connected to the wall outlet.
  2. Avoid using a surge protector for connecting the printer.
  3. Check the power supply. The maximum power supply line voltage should be within 10% of the rated line voltage.
  4. Make sure that the printer’s room temperature is between 16 to 32 degree Celsius.
  5. Check the ink cartridge level. If the cartridge is empty, then refill it as per the instructions.
  6. Make sure that the input tray contains enough paper in it.
  7. Check if the firmware software is up-to-date.
  8. Perform a trial print on your printer and check the result.
lexmark ms510dn troubleshooting

Complete Troubleshooting Steps Used To Fix The Lexmark MS510 Issue

Step 1: The Lexmark MS510DN troubleshooting network-ready laser printer which supports the two-sided printing operation. It performs the print operation at the speed of 42 ppm. The Lexmark printer also faces some issues while performing the print operation. Follow the procedure given below to fix these issues.

Step 2: To fix the print quality issue, check if the printer is printing blank & solid black pages, repeating defects, or generating a skewed print. To resolve the blank pages issue, go with the instructions given here. First, check the toner cartridge level. If the cartridge is empty or low, then refill or replace it.

Step 3: If the cartridges are full and the printer prints blank pages, then check the toner cartridge function. Inspect the toner cartridge function by checking the imaging unit for damage. If there is a problem with the toner cartridge, then replace it as per the guided instructions.

Step 4: If there is no issue with the imaging unit, then check the transfer roll. Replace the Transfer roll, if there is an issue with it. Resetting the power cables also resolve the blank page print issue.

Step 5: The Paper jam error is another problem faced by most customers while performing a print operation. To avoid the paper jam, follow the instructions given here. Before printing, check if the paper is loaded properly in the tray. When a jam occurs, an error message is indicated on the printer’s control’s panel.

Step 6: To fix the paper jam on the Lexmark printer, go with the instructions given here. Press the power button and open the front opening. Pull the toner cartridge out. Now, you will see the green handle of the imaging unit. Pull it and raise the green handle in front of the printer.

Step 7: Place the Imaging unit on a table or flat surface and gently take the jammed paper out of it. Make sure to remove all the jammed paper out of the imaging unit and insert it into the printer. Align the toner cartridge with the arrows on the side rails inside the printer. Close the front door. Perform a test print to check the result.

Step 8: The cartridge error arises when there is a communication failure between one of the printheads and the printer. To override the cartridge error, follow the Lexmark MS510DN troubleshooting instructions given here. Try to remove and replace the printer cartridge. If that doesn’t solve this error, then clean the printhead. Take the printer cartridge out of the printer.

Step 9: Wipe the copper-colored contacts with a lint-free cloth dipped in hot water. After cleaning the cartridge, leave it to dry for one minute, and then replace it into the printer. Try a test print. If it doesn’t work, then switch off the printer and unplug the power cables from the power outlet.

Step 10: Leave the printer unplugged for 15 to 30 minutes, plug the cables back in and then restart it. Now, try a test print. The Lexmark MS510DN troubleshooting methods are available for most of the issues. If the issue doesn’t get cleared by referring to the guide, then contact the tech support team to fix it.

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