lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting

Lexmark MS415DN Troubleshooting

Lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting is done to fix the issues you are facing with your printer. By following the simple procedure given below, you can resolve the problem at home itself. Refer the user manual or the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue. Common issues that occur in your Lexmark MS415dn printer are the driver installed is not proper, not connecting to the network properly, and false ink levels. Proceed with the below mentioned steps and resolve the printer problem.

Simple Steps To Install The Lexmark MS415DN Printer Driver

  1. Download the driver file that is compatible with your printer.
  2. Use the installation CD to install the driver if you do not want to download the driver.
  3. Open the MPMOINXE.exe file after downloading.
  4. Initiate the installation by pressing the Run button.
  5. Choose the connection type as either Wired or Wireless.
  6. Read the License agreement thoroughly.
  7. Agree with the terms and conditions displayed on the screen.
  8. Perform the Print function by using your Lexmark MS415dn printer to check if the drivers are installed correctly.
lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting

Effective And Elaborate Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Printer Issue

Step 1: Follow the below-given Lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting guidelines to resolve the not connecting to Wi-Fi and falsely displayed ink levels issue. If you are displayed with the following error codes 976, 977 or 54 Std or 54, then the problem is related to network connectivity.

Step 2: To resolve the not connecting to a wireless network issue, check if you have turned On your home router. Check the signal strength of the network. Set the bandwidth rage to 5 GHz or more. You can connect your printer to the network that has a bandwidth than before earlier range.

Step 3: Remove any device that can cause all-band interference with your router. This can result in a poor quality network. Ensure that you connect your printer to a secure home network.

Step 4: Choose the network name (SSID) and enter the credentials correctly by using the display panel of your Lexmark MS415dn printer. Check if you can connect your printer to the network, else reboot both the printer and your router.

Step 5: Wait for sometime and turn both the devices On. Ensure that no neighboring devices are using the same network. If you are still encountering the issue, contact the technical team for Lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting solutions.

Step 6: Now, let us see how to override the false ink level message on your printer. Install the new ink cartridge in its slot by opening the cartridge access door. Power Off your Lexmark printer, press the Ready and Return button while powering On your printer.

Step 7: When your printer displays the message stating that it’s going to perform the self-test, release the buttons. Tap the Menu button and choose the Maintenance Count option. Now, press the Reset button to set the counter back to its original setting.

Step 8: Release the Return button to navigate from the diagnostics. You will be directed to the initial menu option. Choose the Reset icon to exit the printer’s function mode.

Step 9: Print a test page by using your Lexmark MS415dn printer. Open the file you want to print and choose File —> Print. This will open the Print properties dialog box. Do the necessary changes that are required for your printer.

Step 10: To check the ink levels on your Lexmark printer with Lexmark ms415dn troubleshooting manual to open the Control Panel on your system and click Devices and Printers. Double-click on the printer icon. A dialog box containing various options will open. Choose the Ink level option. This will display the ink level on your printer.

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