lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting

Lexmark Forms Printer 2500 Series Troubleshooting

If any of your Lexmark Forms Printer 2500+ series faces any issues, then perform some troubleshooting steps to resolve them. Lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting is done to analyze the problems that are encountered by your printer and diagnose them automatically or manually. Some of the common problems that occur in Lexmark Forms Printer 2500+ series are, printer turns unresponsive, paper feed issues, print quality issues, and ink cartridge issue. All of the pre-said problems can be resolved by following some automatic troubleshooting methods or handling the manual cleaning process.

Simple Steps To Troubleshoot Lexmark Forms Printer 2500+ Series

Some of the standard troubleshooting steps to resolve issues like paper jam, paper feed, ink cartridge issue, and network connection issues are given below.

  1. Make sure that your Lexmark printer is connected to a power outlet. Ensure that the power plug is plugged in firmly.
  2. Load only suggested sheets of paper into the input tray.
  3. Do not load wrinkled paper while placing it on the input tray.
  4. Remove the paper jams from the auto sheet feeder, input tray and the printer.
  5. Clear the foreign objects and torn pieces of paper from the paper feed rollers.
  6. Adjust the ribbon density control knob to increase the print contrast.
  7. Ensure that the ribbon cartridges are properly installed.
  8. Reset the Lexmark printer settings back to the default to resolve the printer issues.
lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting

How To Troubleshoot Various Issues On Lexmark Forms Printer 2500+ Series?

Step 1: If your printer does not respond or shows the offline message, connect the power cord of your printer to the power socket (AC source). Ensure that the power cord is linked to the rear of the printer and the power outlet.

Step 2: To ensure the proper functioning of your printer, test the printer function by printing a test page from your printer. Before printing a test page, ensure that you have loaded sufficient sheets of paper and installed the ribbon cartridges correctly.

Step 3: After ensuring the above Lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting aspects, locate the Start/Stop and LineFeed button on the printer panel, and then press and hold them for at least five seconds. Now the test page printing process starts. Press the Start/Stop button again to stop printing the test page.

Step 4: If your printer prints a test page properly, but does not print when connected to the computer, install the driver file and then power cycle your printer.

Step 5: In case the Lexmark printer makes noise, move the objects that are placed near the printer. Ensure that the printer is placed on a flat surface. Shut the ribbon cartridge access door and front cover of the printer properly with Lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting manual.

Step 6: If the printer encounters the paper feed problem, turn off the printer and unplug the printer cord from the electrical socket. Clear the paper jams at the perforation line on the printer’s bottom. Remove the paper jams inside the tractor area after opening the left and right tractor doors. Clear away the torn perforation paper strips and any other foreign objects from the ribbon cartridge access area.

Step 7: If you are facing print quality issues on your Lexmark printer, check the ribbon density. Locate the ribbon density control knob on the operation panel of your Lexmark printer. When the quality of the print becomes too light, then turn the knob to the second position to increase the density of the print.

Step 8: In case the outputs printed are too dark and smudges appear on the back of the print outs, then twist the ribbon density control knob to position 1. If the ribbon cartridge makes any problem or does not print properly, then replace that with a new cartridge.

Step 9: To replace the ribbon cartridge, shut down the printer and unplug the printer’s power wire from the power outlet. Replace the cartridge and close the ribbon cartridge access cover properly. If the printer issue is still not resolved, keep pressing the Start/Stop button for at least five to six seconds.

Step 10: Open the ribbon cartridge access cover. Slide the printhead holder towards the control panel until it rests at a place. Shut the access cover. Keep pressing the Load/Unload and Tear Off button for five seconds, and then press Start/Stop. Now the control panel LED light blinks several times and all the factory settings are restored to default by using the manual of Lexmark forms printer 2500 series troubleshooting.

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