Lexmark firmware 900 error

Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

Lexmark printers display the firmware error 900.00 on the printer’s control panel while the printer is functioning. This error is commonly known as firmware error. It means a network issue. The error code 900.00 occurs during a communication problem or if there is a hardware issue. First, check the base of the printer. Below is the procedure to fix the Lexmark firmware error 900.00.

Quick Steps To Fix The Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

  1. Switch off the Lexmark printer.
  2. Discard all the cables connected to the printer.
  3. Wait for two minutes until the system becomes idle.
  4. Press the power button of the Lexmark printer for 60 seconds.
  5. Clear the printing queue and the print job from the computer of the network queue.
  6. Power on the Lexmark printer.
  7. Connect all the discarded cables back to the printer.
  8. Try printing a test page and the error resolves.
lexmark firmware error 900.00

The Elaborate Steps To Fix Or Resolve The Error Code 900.00 On The Lexmark Printers

The Lexmark firmware error 900.00 displays on the printer under two circumstances. They are the software issue and hardware issue. Software issues occur with the printer functions. The hardware issue occurs if the printer is idle or not connected to the network or computer. It arises due to a connectivity problem. The Internal Network Adapter or the Network card may not be inserted properly.

Follow the below procedure to fix the error code 900.00 on your Lexmark by a Soft reset method. First, switch off the Lexmark printer and discard all the cables connected to the printer. Now press the power button for a duration of sixty seconds. Meanwhile, cancel all the jobs in the print queue. Connect the discarded cables back to the printer. Switch on the printer now.

To update the Lexmark firmware error 900.00, open the printer’s control panel. Go to the Settings and scroll through the options. Click the Update option. Always, look for the latest update for the firmware and update or install it frequently. If you don’t find the update, open the official Lexmark website and move to download center. On that page, enter your Lexmark printer’s model number and download the latest version of the firmware. Click on the Start option and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup.

Try changing the IP address and turn off the Lexmark printer. Detach all the cables linked to the printer. Now turn on the printer without connecting any cables to it and click the Menu button on the printer’s control panel. Change the printer’s IP address to Static IP. Now reconnect the Lexmark printer to the computer to check whether the issue has been fixed.

If the Lexmark printer remains idle for a long time and displays the error message 900.00, the first thing to do is to check the base of the printer. Switch off the Lexmark printer. Remove all the Ethernet or USB cables connected to it. Now power on the printer and check whether the error message gets displayed. If you still find the error message on the panel, try printing a test page from the Test menu.

Press the Menu option to enter Menu. Tap Select to view the menu items. On your display, you will find options like Test/ Utilities Menu. Keep pressing the Menu button until the Print Menus appears on the second line. Choose the Select option. When prompted to change paper, press the Select or Go button to print. If the print page is printed correctly, it means that the printer hardware is working correctly.

If the 900 error occurs again, remove the following devices such as internal network adapters, second drawer options, optional feeders, additional memory, and finisher from the printer. Install those devices again and try printing. By following the above-mentioned method, you can resolve the Lexmark firmware error 900.00 in the Lexmark printer.

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