lexmark error codes

Troubleshoot Lexmark Error Codes

The Lexmark error codes in a device indicates some technical or non-technical issues. When it comes to Lexmark printers, errors show up on the display panel. There are some common errors with Lexmark printers. Only when we resolve these issues, the Lexmark printer might be able to function further. Below is the most common error code found on any Lexmark printer model.

Quick Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Printer Error Code

  1. Know what the error code stands for and then resolve the issue.
  2. Error code 200 and 201 indicate a paper jam. So try to resolve the paper jam issue.
  3. Error code 80 is a notification of your printer maintenance. Maintain your Lexmark printer by purchasing the kit.
  4. Error code 900 indicates hardware or network issues.
  5. The Error code 901 indicates temporary glitches in the engine. Just power cycle the printer.
  6. Error code 902 indicates that Engine board software has failed. Power cycle the printer after 10 minutes.
  7. Error code 903,904,905, and 906 indicate a failure in the printer’s system board. Turn off the printer, wait for 10 minutes, and turn the printer back on to reset the NVRAM.
  8. Error code 89 indicates that the output tray is full. Remove all the paper from the output tray.
lexmark error codes

Elaborate Steps To Fix The Error Code Issue In The Lexmark Printer

Step 1: Know the error encountered by your Lexmark printer to check what issue you have faced. This makes it easy to handle the issue. Unless you don’t resolve the Lexmark error codes displayed on the printer, you cannot access the printer further. Lexmark printers are known for their efficiency. These printers also cause some errors while functioning. So if you know the reason behind the error code, you might be able to fix the issue by yourself. Look for the list of error codes below, and find a solution to resolve them.

Step 2: Error code 200 and 201 indicate a paper jam. While the error code 200 denotes that paper is blocking the printer’s pathway. The Lexmark error codes 201 means that there is paper stuck between the input and the output sensors. The above-mentioned errors can be fixed by removing the paper from the Lexmark printer’s pathway.

Step 3: The Error code 80 is the notification about the maintenance. The maintenance is about having a count of the number of pages printed. This error indicates the maximum number of pages printed. The solution is to purchase the maintenance kit for better performance of your Lexmark printer.

Step 4: The Error code 900 denotes hardware or network connectivity issues. If the error occurs when your Lexmark printer is connected to your computer, it means that there is a problem related to the network. If this issue occurs when the Lexmark printer and computer are connected properly, then this is a hardware issue. Get help for hardware issues.

Step 5: The Error code 901 means Engine flash error. It occurs due to temporary glitches on the engine. It is easy to resolve this Lexmark error codes. Turn off your Lexmark printer and wait for five minutes. Now turn the printer back on. If the error is not fixed, get technical support.

Step 6: The Error code 902 indicates Engine Board Software Failed. Fixing this error is also simple. Turn off the Lexmark printer, wait for ten minutes and then power on the printer. If the error hasn’t been fixed, get technical assistance.

Step 7: The Error codes 903,904,905, and 906 refer to faults in the printer system board. Power cycle the printer. First, do a test print to check whether the error has been fixed. If the issue persists, reset the NVRAM.

Step 8: The Error code 89 indicates that the output tray is full. Take the papers out of the output tray. The output tray can’t hold more paper than its capacity. The Lexmark error codes will get resolved.

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