lexmark e450dn troubleshooting

Lexmark E450DN Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the Lexmark e450dn printer issues by getting a solution from technical experts. You can also get solutions from the Lexmark e450dn troubleshooting instructions described below. Most Lexmark e450dn printers produce high-quality prints. However, there are some issues with this printer. Try to troubleshoot the printer before repairing it. A hard reset helps you resolve most issues. Go through the instructions given here to resolve printer issues.

Quick Steps To Troubleshoot The Lexmark E450DN Printer Issue

  1. Check if the power cord is correctly attached.
  2. Connect the printer to the electrical outlet directly and avoid using surge protectors for performing the connection.
  3. Check whether the installation is correct or not. If there is an error in the cartridge, clear it.
  4. Check whether any paper jam has occurred, open the upper lid to see it. If so, remove the paper carefully.
  5. Check if the printer cable is securely connected to the printer, and the host computer, print server, or other network devices.
  6. Hold the Cancel button for 30 seconds for a complete reset.
  7. Update the printer driver, if available.
  8. Launch the downloaded software, and follow the on-screen instructions to finish troubleshooting.
lexmark e450dn troubleshooting

10 Steps: How To Troubleshoot The Lexmark E450DN Printer Issues

Step 1: Read more about how to resolve printer issues. The printer does not print the given document on paper or delivers a blank page output. These are some common problems that occur with the peripheral during printing. To resolve this issue, go through the Lexmark e450dn troubleshooting methods described below.

Step 2: Now open the document or photo file you want to Print in the PDF viewer on your computer. Choose the Printer icon, and the Print dialog opens on the screen. Now select the Print as image box, and then click OK to confirm the action.

Step 3: If the control panel display is blank, then Turn off the printer. Wait for ten seconds, and then activate printer. Now your printer is ready to use.

Step 4: If the Performing Self Test and Ready message does not appear on the control panel screen, then turn off the printer and reach our techie for more details about Lexmark e450dn printer troubleshooting.

Step 5: If the printer does not receive the data you send for a print job, then check if the Ready or Power Saver appears on display. Check it before posting a job to print. If the output bin is full, remove the stack of paper from the output tray and then press the Close button.

Step 6: If the specific tray is empty, then load the paper into the input tray. If the internal print server is not set up properly, then check the network configuration of your printer, or see the driver CD that shipped with your printer package. Contact the manufacturer’s site to get more Lexmark e450dn troubleshooting information.

Step 7: If you are using a wrong interface cable, or the cable is not securely connected, then try to use a recommended interface cable for connecting the printer with the computer. Delete all unwanted folders if the printer runs out of space.

Step 8: If the printer has received invalid data to print, then cancel the print job assigned. To clear the paper jam in the Duplex unit, take the duplex unit out by pressing the top button. Now, pull the unit out while the button is pressed. Place the unit aside and look for jammed paper. Gently pull out the paper from the duplex unit.

Step 9: Choose the number and size of fonts, and then a number of pages to be printed. If the print job cannot be performed, then set a Print Timeout to a higher value from the Setup menu.

Step 10: If the Page Protect is ON, turn it off from the Setup Menu by following Lexmark e450dn troubleshooting guide.

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