lexmark e352dn error 935

Lexmark E352DN Error 935

The Lexmark e352dn error 935 message indicates that the printhead is facing some technical issue. As a result, the printer stops working. If the repeatedly displays the 935 Printhead error message, then it means that the mirror motor within the printhead unit cannot reach its operating speed. In Lexmark e352dn printer, all service errors are identified by flashing lights. To decide if this is a printhead error, go with the instructions given below. Double-click the Continue or Resume button to see a secondary code. If the error light blinks, it indicates a printhead or motor failure.

Quick Steps To Resolve The Lexmark E352DN Printer 935 Error Issues

  1. Switch the printer off and leave it turned on for at least a minute.
  2. Power on the printer if it is in a Ready state and try printing again. Once the error is resolved, continue using the printer.
  3. Check the power source of the printer if the error message returns.
  4. Make sure that you have connected the printer to the wall outlet directly.
  5. Check whether the cables that are going from the printer’s engine board to the printhead unit are correctly connected.
  6. Link the printer to a different wall outlet to check if the printhead error persists.
  7. Service the Lexmark e352dn printer if the error continues.
  8. Go to the manufacturer’s site to get technical advice.
lexmark e352dn error 935

Learn More About How To Resolve The Lexmark E352DN Printer 935 Error

Step 1: Read in detail about the Lexmark e352dn error 935 issues. If the printhead faces any technical issues, all the service error lights on the printer start to blink. There are different methods used to determine the error and resolve it.

Step 2: To check if there is a printhead error, quickly press the Continue button to view the secondary code. All the service error lights start to blink. To resolve the printhead issue, go through the description given here.

Step 3: If it starts to misbehave and you experience the printhead issue on your printer, the first switch the peripheral off. Leave the printer switched off for ten seconds or more before turning it back on. By doing this, the printer resets.

Step 4: Now, switch the printer back on. If the printer is at Ready state, then try printing. If the Lexmark e352dn error 935 message does not appear on the printer display, continue using the printer. The printhead error message returns when the printer powered on. Try to check the power source of the printer that is plugged in.

Step 5: Connect the printer to the wall outlet directly and avoid connecting it through a surge device or power strip. The power strips and uninterrupted power supplies can cause a low amperage issue, which can trigger a false printhead error.

Step 6: If the printhead error message persists, then reseat the cable. If the peripheral is already connected to the wall outlet directly, make sure that it is not sharing the outlet with another.

Step 7: Switch off the printer, and plug it to a power outlet. If the printer continues to display the printhead error, service the printer.

Step 8: The printer may have a defective printhead or there might be an issue with the system board or one of the printhead wire.

Step 9: Contact the manufacturer or local authorized service center for servicing the Lexmark e352dn printer. If the printhead error message appears on a recently serviced printer, check if the printhead assembly installed is correct.

Step 10: A Lexmark e352dn error 935 also indicates that a wrong printhead assembly is installed. Replace it with the correct one.

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