lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights

Lexmark E260D Troubleshooting Lights

The lights on the Lexmark e260d printer usually become active when there is an issue with the device. Various blinking lights indicate different errors on the Lexmark e260d printer. The standard solutions for resolving the error lights in the Lexmark e260d printer are given on this web page as a guide of Lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights. Some of the common reasons for the blinking lights are the toner levels in the cartridge are empty, paper jams inside the Lexmark e260d printer, and more. The operation panel of the Lexmark e260d printer has two buttons and six flashing lights.

Solutions For Resolving Blinking Lights Issue On Lexmark E260D Printer

  1. Check if there are jammed sheets of paper inside the Lexmark e260d printer.
  2. Long-press and hold the Cancel button on your Lexmark e260d printer.
  3. Wait for at least ten seconds and then release the Cancel button.
  4. Ensure that all the lamps on the Lexmark e260d printer are flashing.
  5. Do not proceed until all the lights on your printer stop flickering.
  6. Wait until the Lexmark e260d printer restarts completely.
  7. Confirm that the Online light on the printer is turned On.
  8. Verify that all the warning lights on the Lexmark e260d printer have stopped flashing. If the lights have stopped blinking, it shows that the error has been rectified.
lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights

Procedures On How To Fix Flashing Lights Error On Lexmark E260D Printer

Step 1: Lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights Error, Jam, Load Paper, and Toner lights are flashing: Power Off your Lexmark e260d printer. Wait for a few seconds, power On the Lexmark printer, and then check if the lights have stopped blinking.

Step 2: If the error and toner lights on the Lexmark e260d printer are flickering, change the photoconductor kit. The lights are flickering because of a cartridge error; replace the same.

Step 3: For replacing the toner cartridges, raise the front cover of the Lexmark e260d printer. Pull the multipurpose feeder door downwards. Make use of the handle to pull the cartridge out of the Lexmark e260d printer.

Step 4: Make sure you buy the toner cartridges that are fine and compatible with the model of the Lexmark printer. Remove the new toner cartridge from the packaging and discard the plastic material, and then redistribute the toner evenly by shaking the cartridge to fix Lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights error.

Step 5: Align the side rails of the toner cartridge with the marks present on the Lexmark e260d printer. Now insert the cartridge into your Lexmark printer. Make sure that the toner cartridge is pushed in completely.

Step 6: While you are replacing the cartridges, make sure that the drum unit is not exposed to direct sunlight as it might cause an error in print quality. Lower the multipurpose feeder door and the front cover on the Lexmark e260d printer. If the error lamp on the Lexmark e260d printer is flickering, it indicates that the front door is not closed correctly. Close the front door and then check if the Lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights error has been solved.

Step 7: Sometimes the lights might flash if there are paper jams inside your printer. Press the latch on the Lexmark e260d printer to open the rear access door. Now lower the back access door and use a torchlight for checking if there are any jammed sheets of paper.

Step 8: Carefully remove the papers out of the Lexmark e260d printer. Close the rear access door until it locks into position. Go to the control panel of your Lexmark e260d printer and press the Go button. If the lights still flashes, lift the top cover and look for jammed papers inside the rollers or outer paper path unit.

Step 9: If you find any jammed sheets, pull them out of the printer. Find if there are any jammed papers inside and outside the paper trays.

Step 10: Make sure you do not load papers that are crumpled or damaged. If the paper jam issue continues, check the duplex path inside your Lexmark e260d printer. Check if any foreign materials or papers are stuck inside the duplex path and remove the same and resolve Lexmark e260d troubleshooting lights error.

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