lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide

Lexmark E260 Troubleshooting Guide

The Lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide gives you an idea about the reason behind the printer issues. If an error occurs on the printer, it indicated in the operator panel. The most common errors that occur in the Lexmark e260 printer are paper jam, ink cartridge problem, and print quality issue. Most of the errors can be resolved by referring to the user guide. If you face any difficulty in doing so, then get the technical support from the expert. Go with the troubleshooting methods given below to resolve the printer error.

Troubleshooting Guide To Fix The Lexmark E260 Printer Issues

  1. Link the power cord to the electrical outlet directly instead of using a surge protector for connection.
  2. Check if the printer setting is correct and all the options are correctly installed.
  3. Remove the additional trays from the printer, if attached.
  4. Avoid using dirty, bent or curled paper for printing. Use only recommended paper.
  5. Try to understand the error lights that blink.
  6. Check the toner cartridge level. If there is any fault in the cartridges, then replace it.
  7. Do a firmware update to avoid the hardware problem.
  8. Clean the ink nozzles, printheads and scanner glass to maintain the printer.
lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide

Learn More About The Troubleshooting Steps Used To Fix The Printer Issue

Step 1: The Lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide is designed for the customer to fix basic printing issues. The user manual is also available online. The light sequences help you understand the printer condition. When all the lights (error, paper jam, toner, power) blink at the same time, then it indicates Service Error.

Step 2: To resolve the Service error, go with the instructions given. When all the lights start to blink, switch the printer off and remove all the power cables from it. Leave the printer unplugged or wait until it gets power off, then turn on it and check if the lights are blinking.

Step 3: If the lights continue to blink, then there is an issue with the printer hardware. Contact the manufacturer to fix this issue. With the printer on, if the error and toner light blinks, then it indicates there is a problem with the printhead. Replace the printhead to fix this issue.

Step 4: Purchase a new printhead that matches your printer model form an online retailer. Take the defective printhead out of the printer and replace it with a new one. To insert the printhead, follow the instructions given below. Switch off the printer and open the front opening. Take the defective printhead from the printer. Now, insert the new printhead into the printer, and recycle or return the old cartridge.

Step 5: If the printer does not perform the print operation, then check the following conditions before starting the job. First, make sure that the Power light is blinking. Remove some paper from the printer, if the exit bin is full. Insert the paper into the tray.

Step 6: Check if the printer software is up-to-date. If not, then visit the manufacturer’s site to download and install the latest one on your operating system. Make sure to use only the recommended USB, parallel or Ethernet cable for the connection.

Step 7: The paper jam occurs behind the photoconductor kit, toner cartridge, and in standard exit bin. To clear the paper jam in the photoconductor kit, go with the Lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide given. Push the Release button to lower the front door.

Step 8: Now, pull the photoconductor kit and the toner cartridge out of the printer. The photoconductor kit and the toner cartridge is built in the same container. Slowly, remove the jammed paper. After taking the jammed paper out of the carriage, reinstall the toner and photoconductor kit.

Step 9: Close the front door and press the Continue button to resume the print operation. To clear the paper jam in the standard exit bin, go with the instructions given here. Pull the jammed paper out of the standard exit bin.

Step 10: To clear the paper jam from the input tray, follow the Lexmark e260 troubleshooting guide given here. Take the tray out and remove the jammed paper form it. Depress the lever for easy removal of jammed paper. After removing the jammed paper and replace the tray. Press the Continue button to resume the print job.

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