lexmark e250dn troubleshooting

Lexmark E250DN Troubleshooting

Lexmark e250dn is a monochrome laser printer for home use. It produces high-clarity printouts and can be used on a network. It has an in-built duplexer that enables printing on both sides without much effort. The general problems that arise are quality issues, connectivity issues, paper jams, etc. The commonly occurring issues and step-by-step Lexmark e250dn troubleshooting instructions for resolving them are explained in detail in the following sections.

A Quick Guide For Troubleshooting Lexmark E250DN Printer Issues

  1. Open the front cover of the printer. Press the Power and Continue buttons to turn on the printer.
  2. Do not release the button until the lights on the control panel become active.
  3. Close the front cover, select Cancel, and choose Continue. The lights on the control panel will be lit.
  4. Release the Continue button and power cycle the printer. The printer is now set to factory defaults.
  5. Remove all the paper loaded into the printer, replace the ones that are curled or damaged, and try replacing the fuser if the print quality is low.
  6. Reduce the complexity of the print job if the printer prints very slowly. Proceed with the steps below for resolving a paper jam issue.
  7. Remove the 250-sheet tray and press the duplex flap down. Pull out any paper stuck there.
  8. Lower the front cover, remove the print cartridge assembly, and lift the green flap. Remove any jammed paper from behind the flap.
lexmark e250dn troubleshooting

Detailed Instructions For Resolving The Lexmark E250DN Printer Issues

Step 1: For Lexmark e250dn troubleshooting, the printer features lights are on the control panel. These lights, depending on their sequence, indicate different printer status. For example, when the toner is low, both the Toner Low and the Continue lights will remain lit, and similarly, for each condition, the type of light and its status differs.

Step 2: Resetting the printer is a common troubleshooting step for almost all the printer issues. First, power off your Lexmark printer if it is turned on. Keep the front cover of the printer open. Press the Continue button on the control panel while turning the printer on. Do not release the Continue button until all the lights cycle.

Step 3: Now, close the Front cover and press the Cancel button. Press the Continue button again. The control panel will cycle through all the lights. You should see the Load paper, Toner Low / Replace PC Kit, Ready, and Continue lights will light up. Release the Continue button now. Power on the printer to continue Lexmark e250dn troubleshooting steps.

Step 4: At times, the paper may get curled once it ejects from the printer. Ensure that you have loaded the recommended paper. Try placing the paper in 180 degrees. If you want to print multiple pages, try performing duplex printing. Ensure that the printer is placed in a less humid environment.

Step 5: If you see the toner low light sequence on, you can extend the life of the toner cartridge. You can use the Reduce Curl setting option from the Configuration menu for resolving the issue. Open the front door after turning it off. Press and hold the Continue option while turning the printer on.

Step 6: When the lights on the control panel cycle, release the Continue button. Close the front door and hold the Continue button again until the lights cycle. Release the Continue button. The printer will format and print a page. Follow the guidelines on the printed page to fix the issue.

Step 7: If the print quality is not satisfactory, lower the front door and remove the cartridge assembly using the handle provided. Locate the printhead lens on the top of the printer and gently wipe the lens using a clean cloth. Reinsert the cartridge assembly into the printer and close the front door. If the issue persists, try using a different Lexmark e250dn troubleshooting print media.

Step 8: When the Continue, Ready, Toner Low/Replace PC Kit, Error lights turn on while printing, it indicates that the printer memory is full. Press the Continue button and continue to proceed with printing your document. To cancel the print job, push down the Cancel button and release it immediately.

Step 9: Try resetting the printer by holding the Cancel button for a few seconds. To prevent the recurring of the error in the future, simplify the print job. Reduce the complexity of the image, graphics, or text. You can also add a memory card to increase the printer memory.

Step 10: When the Missing/Defective toner cartridge issue occurs, the Toner Low/Replace PC Kit, Paper Jam, and the Error lights will remain lit. Press the Continue button and release it immediately to clear the light sequence. Turn the printer off, remove the toner cartridge, shake it several times, and place the cartridge again. Reinsert the toner cartridge and then turn the printer on. If you are not able to fix your issue after trying all the Lexmark e250dn troubleshooting steps, service the printer.

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