lexmark e250dn error lights

Lexmark E250DN Error Lights

The Lexmark e250dn error lights blink if the printer faces technical issues. The secondary error code indicates that a paper jam issue has occurred on the Lexmark printer. In most cases, all the lights on the printer’s control panel start blinking at the same time. The control panel lights mean different things. Go through the description given below to get more information about the Lexmark e250dn printer error lights.

Quick Steps To Resolve The Lexmark E250DN Error Light Issues

  1. Switch off the printer and place it on a table.
  2. Open the front cover of the printer.
  3. Gently press and hold the Continue button on your Lexmark printer and turn it on.
  4. Hold the button down until the error light blinks.
  5. Release the button, close the front lid of the printer and make sure all the three lights turn solid while closing the peripheral.
  6. Press the Cancel button four times, and toner light turns on.
  7. Push the Continue or Resume button and wait until you see the lights turn on.
  8. Turn off the printer and power it back on to complete the process.
lexmark e250dn error lights

Learn More About How To Resolve The Lexmark E250DN Error Light Issues

Step 1: The printer’s operator panel comprises of two buttons and six Lexmark e250dn error lights. Starting from the left, the first light indicates an Error, second one Paper Jam, third Load or Remove Paper, fourth Toner Low or Replace PC Kit, fifth Ready or Data, sixth Continue button, and the last one is the Cancel button.

Step 2: The lights on the control panel of the printer indicate the status of the peripheral. Once the printer turns on, all of the lights cycle as a self-test performed. These lights also cycle once the printer reset. All service errors are indicated by all lights flashing as the primary notification.

Step 3: The Continue light sequence indicates that the printer has encountered a Paper jam. Press the Continue button twice quickly to view the secondary error code. When you experience a paper jam, it is better to check and clear the entire paper path.

Step 4: The most common light sequences are described here. The Toner light is fourth from the left of the control panel. This indicates that the toner cartridge level is low and replacement is required. The PC kit life warning denotes other issues. If the toner or drum indicator is ON but does not blink, it indicates that you need to replace it.

Step 5: For most service errors, the suggested action is to power off the printer and try printing again. If the Lexmark e250dn error lights continues, then the printer will probably need to be serviced to correct the issues. To resolve the secondary error code, press Continue or Resume button twice when all the lights are flashing.

Step 6: To view the tertiary error code in your Lexmark e250dn printer, press the Continue button twice. If you press the Continue button twice, the secondary code starts blinking. A tertiary error code does not exist for the issue.

Step 7: Check how the control panel buttons are used. The buttons on the control panel are used to Continue or Cancel the current print job. These can also be used for the following operation.

Step 8: If the printer is in the ready state, then press the Continue button once to print the menu settings page and network setup page.

Step 9: If the printer is displaying an error, press the Continue button twice quickly to view the secondary light sequence. Follow a common error light sequence and gently press and release the Continue button to resume printing.

Step 10: Press and release the Cancel button the on-going print job that is currently printing and do the same to reset the printer and resolve Lexmark e250dn error lights problem.

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