lexmark e232 troubleshooting

Lexmark E232 Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot the Lexmark e232 printer issue, all you need is to try to reset the printer. Obtain a solution form our techies to resolve it with simple Lexmark e232 troubleshooting manual. Mostly, a hard reset clears all the printer problems. During a hard reset, all the hardware accessories in the printer get restored. Refreshing the wireless connection, and turning off the Demo mode on your printer helps you resolve connection issues on your printer. Go through the instructions given below to troubleshoot the Lexmark e232 printer issues.

Quick Procedure To Troubleshoot The Lexmark E232 Printer Issue

  1. Ascertain that your printer is connected to the power outlet properly, and the USB cable is attached to the port.
  2. Look for any paper stuck in the printer by opening the upper lid. If so, then remove the jammed paper carefully.
  3. Check the alignment of the ink cartridges, and print an alignment page.
  4. Search for any updates for your printer firmware.
  5. Inspect the connection between your printer and computer.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the printer software on your computer.
  7. Installing the latest version of your printer driver will help you improve the compatibility with the hardware and software.
  8. Launch the downloaded setup file and perform the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation.
lexmark e232 troubleshooting

10 Steps: How To Troubleshoot The Lexmark E232 Printer Issues

Step 1: The Lexmark e232 printer is one of the leading names in the printer manufacturing industry. Despite being very reliable, there are a couple of issues with it. Banding, Printhead issues, empty ink cartridges, printing blank pages are certain common errors that are likely to occur.

Step 2: Fix Lexmark printer problems be performing the Lexmark e232 troubleshooting steps given below. Make sure that the AC adapter of your printer is correctly connected to the power outlet, and the USB cable is attached to the port. Check for any updates that are available for your printer driver, if so download them.

Step 3: To resolve the printhead issues, go through the description given here. First power on your computer and the Lexmark e232 printer if they are not turned on. Insert a blank page into the printer through the paper-sheet tray to begin the cleaning process.

Step 4: Select the Start menu on your computer. Next, choose All Programs from the menu list that appears on the screen. Search for the printer driver software folder in the list and then click on it.

Step 5: It will direct you to the Lexmark e232 troubleshooting steps. Now click the Maintenance tab to access the settings and choose the Print option. Now the troubleshooting is cleared, try a test print. During the hardware setup, a paper jam issue may occur in the paper tray, duplex unit, roller or copier.

Step 6: To resolve the paper jam issue, go through the instructions given here. To clear the paper jam in the paper tray, lift the scanner lid to check where the paper is jammed. Gently and carefully take out the paper from the paper tray. Be sure not to tear the paper while removing it.

Step 7: To clear the paper jam in the Duplex unit, take the duplex unit by pressing the button on top. Now, pull the unit out with the button pressed. Place the unit aside and look for the jammed paper. Gently pull out the paper from the duplex unit.

Step 8: Lift the scanner lid to check where the paper is jammed. Next, firmly grasp the paper, and take it out carefully. Make sure not to tear the paper that is jammed.

Step 9: If there is a stack of paper stuck in the roller, then use tweezers to remove them carefully. Check if your computer is connected to your printer properly.

Step 10: If not, then connect your printer and computer as per the instructions given in the installer. If problems still arise, then remove and re-install the printer driver by properly reading the above mentioned Lexmark e232 troubleshooting guide.

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